Saturday, January 26, 2002: The Crestview in Woburn was the venue for yet another reunion starting with Happy Hour and hors d oevres, pre-dinner slide show, dinner, business meeting and great entertainment. Reuben Rajala, the former Trails Program Director, and other Trail Crew alumni presented the slide show.

Partial list of some of the people seen; Adams, Alper, Baldwin, Barrett, Bauman, Bengsston, Cary, Curwen, Daniels, Davis, Fonseca, Gray, Hamilton, Harrington, Hartwell, Hayes, Heiman, Herrick, Herring, Hotchkiss, Kathan, Kelleher, Koop, Kotowski, Kreitler, Learnard, Meduski, Meserve, Morgan, Mumford, O'Connell, Perkins, Peterson, Porter, Rajala, Rogovin, Sachs, Shaffer, Stata, Story, Stott, Van Curan and Whiting.