Heard from IKE MEREDITH that, as we honor our octogenerians, we ought not to forget BOB TEMPLE and his spring reunion cooking duties. Some years ago, we did dedicate the Brawl to Bob and his famous lobster story "How to Differentiate the Gender of the Crustaceon" which was made up as a bandana for the occasion. Just ask Bob next time you see him this spring to show you how to tell little girl lobsters from little boy lobsters. He'll be most forthcoming with his graphic display replete with definitions using live models. Bob was around when the Cabin was built in 1939 and has volunteered his services for our road maintenance through the years.

This winter reunion we honored a life-time member of our association BERTRAM SWOOP GOODWIN for his many years of membership, attendance at reunions and his interest in sweet mountain memories. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend this January. CHUCK STATA, who normally drives Swoop from the Nashua, NH area to the reunions, presented him the association's framed certificate of appreciation

TOM HEFFERNAN writes from the Black Hills of South Dakota where he and his wife has a nice place nestled in the Ponderosa Pines close to the little town of Custer. Contrary to our impressions of the Dakotas, he gets about 240 days of sunshine a year, very little snow and seldom has extreme temperatures. They live close to three national parks and a state park where deer, elk and turkey roam. He rides his three saddle mules in the park and on pack trips, including the Grand Canyon for a five-day trip last May. The mules comported themselves well with nary a slip (hence, Tom was able to send us his letter). The Black Hills do deliver snow dumps such as the one last April which caused a power outage for six weeks for some folks. And then there is the worst fire ever recorded that they got last August named the Jasper Fire which came close enough to prepare to evacuate. It gobbled up over 83,000 acres of primarily national forest land. So if any OH care to make it to the Black Hills to join the 4,000,000 visiting tourists maybe between snow and fire season Tom and his wife extend their hospitality to visit with them in this truly beautiful part of our country. Phone is 605 673 4972 and email tomkat@gwtc.net

ANN MICHALEC PAYSON has volunteered at the annual AMC Mountain Leadership School, a great five-day program directed by ANDY COHEN. Other OH involved are DUTCH TOBER and JOHN DUNN. Ann, after her recent hiking in the Presidentials, regrets to inform other OH that the trails have mysteriously become rockier and steeper. She is living in Falmouth, ME and child No.2 is due this spring.

KATHERINE BIRNIE ran into MEREDITH BELLOWS in Guatemala last spring where Katherine was traveling for two-weeks and Meredith was wrapping up a two-year Peace Corp stint there. Then another chance meeting, this time with BRIAN SCHUSTERMAN on the street in Berkley where Katherine now lives.

We heard from MARTHA CHILD ASH living in NZ about meeting with us this summer. She emailed STROKER that she would like to get together with her hut pals this summer. Easy enough to do, even at the drop of a hat, since she can post her arrival on our web site and a convenient place to meet can be arranged. She was interested in TONY MACMILLAN stories as have been several other OH which has prompted da editor to start collecting material about Tony. Martha sent her Macmillan collection since she was the first recording secretary. Her list includes all the members of the original MMVSP. Martha s email is marthaandjohn@hotmail.com.

HELEN FREMONT sends us news of the Grand Fourth Birthday of Henry Huntley, son of DAVID HUNTLEY and LAURA MCGRATH and nephew of UNCLE MARK HUNTLEY.

ETHAN DUBOIS retired as a Commander of the Naval Reserve last summer. His wife is still serving as a Captain, USNR.

FRED GREENE worked at Zealand in 1936 and Lakes in 1937 and was a member of the 1940 AMC Downhill Ski Team made up of all OH. His health is good, but no more skiing.

CAP KANE biked with friends across the U.S. this past summer from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. They traveled 4044 miles in 67 days, but the most distinguishing feature of the trip was that fit and trim Cap actually gained four pounds on the trip, possibly the only cross-country cyclist that has ever gained weight. He attributes it to good beer and good wine every evening.

EARL EFFINGER helped bring up our Cabin fund with a generous check and the news that he'd miss winter reunion, but was happy to use the Cabin once this past summer with his son and grandchild.

Dr. CANDICE RAINES spent three weeks in Siberia as a member of the U.S. Ski-Orienteering Team at the XIII World Championships. The experience was filled with incredible highs and lows. Russia is a combination of old and new words thrown togther. You never know what world you are entering-one moment, you feel you are in a European city, the next there's a gun in your face and you're being asked for your papers. The people, however, are remarkable.

SALLY HARRIS WILBUR and her husband Sandy have just published a book titled The McCully Train: Iowa to Oregon, softcover 202 pages, illustrated. To learn more about the book, log onto to www.netcom.com/~symbios. Meanwhile, they are spending May through October at their camp in Dummer, NH and winters in Oregon.

ARTHUR WHITEHEAD holds the grand prize for our oldest OH 97 years but always looking forward to OH news.

ROCKY MORRILL is running a small construction company in Raymond, NH.

ARTHUR HARRIS sent us a 1940 picture of BILL EL WACKO ASHBROOK and FRANK CARLSON reading the Boston Herald about the Nazis bombing Rumania. Frank was to later fight Nazis and was engaged in the crossing of the Moselle River. Along the way, he collected two Silver Stars and retired as a Colonel. Bill served in the 10th Mountain Division and returned to become a college humanities professor. He retired from Indiana State University as professor emeritus in 1994 and received an honorary Ph.D. in 2000. Today, Frank is living in Leesburg, VA, Bill lives in Terra Haute, IN and Arthur lives in Arlington,VT.

BILL "EL WACKO" ASHBROOK JUNIOR says his father received the El Wacko nickname after extensively testing a batch of hot buttered rum made by CARL BLANCHARD, but has sworn off demon rum ever since. But the nickname caught on and even was embellished to become EL WACKO GRANDE IL MAGNIFICO.

AL FOLGER's sister DORIS was interested in the Galehead disabled hikers trek to the hut this summer which she spotted in the Quincy Patriot Ledger.

AL KAMMAN is married to ANN POLLENDER and is the son of ALAN KAMMAN, all OH, but Alan reminds us that he is not, or never was, a junior. He, however, recommends that we hang a senior on his dad which is only fair after we ve been calling him junior for twenty years.

PETE WOODCOCK has moved about fifteen miles up the road in Croton On Hudson, NY.

BAYARD and BETSY KLIMASMITH have moved from Seattle back to the Somerville, MA with their three-year old daughter Sophie. They have kept in touch with DAVE YAMPARIS (SP) and WENDY PRENTISS who just had a baby boy. They had a Lonesome 1991 with SASHA ALEXANDER RINGE, AMY WILLIAMS-DERRY and Dave.

Nice Christmas newsletter from MARTY WOMER with news of his life passages, including moving back to Connecticut after 28 years in Maine, a divorce and starting a solo law practice. Marty cares for his ailing mother with the help of his brother, but he's begun dating a wonderful woman and is getting into the outdoors for skiing, sea kayaking and hiking.He also wrote a paper on estate planning which was given a conference in St. Paul.

MARTHA GAMBLE lives in Northwestern, VT seven miles from Canada. She was impressed by the new Galehead, the space and lighting. Her party hiked in at dusk without headlamps to celebrate a friend's fiftieth birthday.

CAL CONNIFF has gone a long way from being the second cook at Pinkham in 47- 48. A self-described "survivor of Tex Benton", he lives in Longmeadow, MA and won a national ski award in November. At a presentation at the Chart House in Boston, he was given the BEWI Award recognizing a ski industry leader who has made valuable contributions to the betterment of skiing in America. Cal is a Springfield, VT native who started skiing in the late 1930 s on Gilbert s Hill in Woodstock, site of the first ski lift in America. Too young to join the 10th Mountain Division, he spent the war years volunteering his services to run the rope tow so that war plant factory workers could ski during their off hours. In high school, he was a ski champion, then continued at American International College where he won the Ski Meister title at the New England Intercollegiate Ski Conference. He was also the president of the ski club. In the Army, he was stationed at Garmisch Partenkirchen where he won the four-way combined ski championships of the Armed Forces of Europe. After his service, he promoted skiing on the fledging Springfield TV station Channel 22 and became the developer of the ski are on Mt. Tom which had the largest snowmaking system in the world. He promoted skiing as physical education at the area schools and is responsible for teaching thousands of young people to ski at Mt. Tom. In 1970, he became president of the National Ski Areas Association and was responsible for reorganizing it, moving headquarters to Springfield and making it a financially viable organization. In 1990, he was inducted into the U.S. Hall of Fame. He is past president of the New England Ski Museum in Franconia, NH where he started and chaired the museum s most important fundraising event, the annual Hannes Schneider Meister Cup race held in March at Cranmore.

STEVE BRIDGEWATER was away skiing in British Columbia last year staying at one of MARK KINGSBURY' s hostils and heard stories from his Austrian guide about BROOKS DODGE's skiing exploits which we 'd love to hear. Steve sent along an article about his irrigation business based at Pretty Penny Farm in Warner, NH. From there, he and his four employees travel from Boston to Nova Scotia installing irrigation systems in everything from roof top gardens to potato fields. And the name of the company? Greenleaf Irrigation, of course! Thanks for the Something Extra in the dues envelope, Steve.

BOB CARY has a legitimate excuse to be out of the country missing the winter reunion. He and his wife traveled to Antarctica.

POLLY SMITH LIT is proud to have her grandaughter SIERRA CURTIS-MCLANE on last summer's Galehead crew where she was the naturalist. Her son, ANDY MCLANE sits on the AMC Board of Directors and has made leadership gifts to Galehead s Rebuild Campaign and the just-announced AMC 125th Anniversary Campaign kicked off at the AMC's 125th annual meeting February 10th. Polly hopes that her great grand-daughter, Chase McLane, might work in the huts someday.

TIM SAUNDERS added his extra to the "OH Kitty"and thanked the Steering Committee for putting the programs together for the association.

HENRY ROGERSON spent December in Massachusetts supervising the arrival of a second grandchild and enjoying a white Christmas. He s retired and living in Virginia Beach, VA.

AL STARKEY from his outpost in Wayzata, MN would like to visit the new Galehead and see the OH Cabin renovations.

JAMES MARSTON actually complains about the cold-in Satsuma, FL. Please! He would like to get to visit Alaska and stop by in NH.

MARK FURLONG states, "Far be it from me to be a dead head , dead beat" maybe, but not, dead head !"

JEAN HUEMMLER LEE from Salt Lake was a ski patroller at the Wasatch, spent two years teaching in Honduras, returned for a Masters Degree, taught high school for another two years and is now is a full-time mom with a 14-month boy Chase and a great husband named Scott. Come visit. jhuemmler@hotmail.com.

A very interesting contribution from HARRY ADAMS from Wichata, KS. Nice three figures with ninety-eight cents of change and a note "...overage is for road fund. Total is just exactly so you can put in your two cents worth!"

Remember the Resuscitator a whole bunch of years ago that chronicled the bearding caper of the Old Man of the Mountains? DOBIE JENKINS was part of that bearding crew, a self-described "bootleg" member of the OHA. He was a member of the trail crew in the halcyon days at Hutton Lodge in Whitefield 1952-55 and then in 1960. He keeps in touch with fellow trail crew Doug Rankin, Bob Scott, DAVE HAYES, Bob Watts and Charlie Beauchamp. He would like to provide us an account someday how the Alabama "Mafia" with thick southern accents happened to get hired by the AMC s rock-ribbed councilors. The late HOWIE GOFF was responsible for getting eight to ten Alabamians to serve on the 1950s trail crew. Now, scattered all about the country, they all treasure the summers spent in the mountains and the friendships with Damn Yankees. The crowning act was joining with hutmen from Greenleaf and Lonesome to hang the tree on the Old Man in 1955.

JEFFE ABBE is in Durango, CO as Public Works Inspector.

ROBERT and ELIZABETH ELSNER are having a fine winter in Alaska cross country skiing and snow shoeing right out their front door. They stopped at Pinkham in October for a climb in Evans Notch and a look at the Obs Weather Discovery Center which they recommend to everyone.

BILL MEDUSKI worked at Pinkham in the winter of 82 which was a great snow year. He skied at wildcat and learned to telemark in the trees in the great back country behind Pinkham. There he was hooked and has spent time in British Coulmbia back country skiing in 10 foot snowpack in the Purcell Mountains. "Nothing like skiing Tucks and the Sherburne to get you ready to ski the world". Bill also worked three summers on the trail crew and a spring in the huts.

BRIAN COPP lives in River Falls, WI and is chair of the Sociology Departmrnt at University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

PAGE DINSMORE sends her hi to ROBIN SNYDER and remembers the nights on the roof with Jay et al (hmmmm). She reports all is well with husband Adele, the kids are in school and that they like Colorado.