AMC Lifetime Achievement Awards for the following OH

SANDY SAUNDERS for his dedication and support of the AMC mission to promote the protection, enjoyment and wise use of the mountains, rivers and trails of the Appalachianregion. His duties included the following:

  • Permit Renewal Negotiator 1996-1999
  • Chair Diversity Task Force 1995-1997
  • President of the Board 1991-1993
  • Chair Nominating Committee 1967 & 1989
  • Recipient Joe Dodge Award 1993
  • Search Committee Executive Director 1988
  • White Mountain National Forest Citizen s Advisory Committee 1972-1975
  • President of the Board 1965-1966
  • Vice President 1963-1964
  • Recording Secretary 1957-1963
  • Huts Committee, Finance Committee, Mountain Leadership Committee 1957- 1963
  • AMC Summer Employee, Pinkham 1946, Zealand Notch 1947, Carter Notch 1948

    From Junior Member to Club President, Sandy has been the AMC s most ardent steward. His generosity of spirit and quiet determination have helped the Club face many difficult decisions and never ending challenges. Through his ability to find common ground within the growing and diverse AMC community, Sandy truly leads by example.

    Brad Washburn