Song of the Huts

Presented by Fred Stott, Ned Claflin and Jen Granducci At Winter Reunion January 22, 2000

	Ist Verse
	As a kid I looked up
	Mostly men standing round
	With their hob-nailed boots
	Punching printmarks in the ground
	And I stood there awful shy
	Mumbling small talk 'bout the sky
	But I dreamed I'd work up there
	Some day
	Some day
	Some future day
	Oh I dreamed I'd climb up there
	Some future day
	Then the weather turned colder
	And I turned one year older
	Still I dreamed I'd climb up there
	Some day
	2nd Verse
	You gotta start with Madison
	The oldest of them all
	And it paved the way for Carter
	Lakes and Zealand Fall
	Joe Dodge dreamed a pathway
	Each hut a day away
	Linking Lonesome Greenleaf Galehead
	And now they'll stay that way
	Carter Madison Lakes and Mizpah
	Zealand Galehead Greenleaf Lonesome
	3rd verse
	One windy day on Adams
	With gray clouds cudding by
	We searched for Caggiano
	And hoped he would not die
	But the wind and sleet out-gunned us
	The weather took our man
	And once again we witnessed
	You cannot fool the land
	4th Verse	
	With the goods down in the valley
	And the hut up near the top
	It's only backboard packing
	That brings a freshened crop
	So it's eighty pounds of goodies
	And another ten of sweat
	That makes our odd concoctions
	The best meals ever et
	5th Verse	
	The croos were made of men
	>From Dartmouth and the like
	Till women yelled in protest
	"You know we too can hike"
	Now Hutmen-F will show you
	Packing loads both high and wide
	Baking bread and snapping crappers
	They're now the system's pride
	Final verse
	What gives a hut its magic
	For ages young and old?
	It's the place that warms the spirit
	When the outside's feeling cold
	It's sunsets gone forever
	And sunsets yet to be
	It's stones and storm and loneness
	They're all a part of me