Since 1888, a few hundred lucky people have spent memorable summers as AMC hut "croo" members, working at Carter, Madison, Lakes, Mizpah, Galehead, Greenleaf, Zealand, and Lonesome. There, friendships were forged within a shared experience, and the spirit of the huts has remained the same over the years.

Now it's up to former hut crew members, or "old hutmen", and others who love the huts to give a little back. The association has created the OH Fund as part of the AMC's 125th Anniversary Capital Campaign, an effort to raise $30 million to support the goals Vision 2010. The fund has two main goals:

  • To provide $1 million to renovate and endow the existing huts.

  • To provide $1.5 million to plan and develop a new system of huts on private land in the Northern Forest. The project strives to achieve conservation goals through land protection in the corridor and to provide environmental education through a sustainable forestry project within the corridor.

The OH Fund goal is $2.5 million, and as of Feb. 1, 2002, the OH Committee had raised $1,840,146 from OH members. Your generous gift can be pledged over three to five years, if necessary. All OH gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a permanent plaque in one of the new huts. In addition, one of the new huts will be named the OH Hut in recognition of this effort.

On December 4th, OH Fund letters were mailed to all OHA members. Over the next few weeks, many of you will be getting phone calls from your fellow members, to ask for your support.

Support the AMC's huts — old and new — today through the OH Fund!

If you have questions about the OH Fund, call 617-523-0655, ext. 347.