2003 Dues and Order Form

Here are my 2003 dues of $15 payable to The O H Association. Present 2002-2003 croos are exempt from first year dues payments. Dues and Cabin overnight fees pay for the upkeep of the Cabin and make it possible for present croos to use the Cabin at no cost. Dues also fund the Resuscitator, mailings, End-of-Summer Party and the hut crew framing project.

       sub total____________________________

Here's something EXTRA to help fund Cabin repairs and rebuild the reserve.

       sub total____________________________

Sign me up for January 25, 2002 Reunion at $30 each, $25 for current croo. All meals must be prepaid, no walkins guaranteed.

       sub total____________________________

Send me a limited edition OH cap with embroidered OH Solvitur Crumpus logo at $17 each.

       sub total____________________________

Send me an OH T-shirt at $22 each, size L_____ XL_____ , size L_____ XL_____

       sub total____________________________

Grand Total of above made payable to The OH Association and inserted into an envelope.

       Grand Total____________________________

Mail To:

The O.H.Association
80 Rowley Bridge Road
Topsfield, MA 01983

I'm calling Matt Herrick at 617-523-0655, extension 364 for an OH Fund Pledge.

I'm interested in the treasurer's position.
(Call me at........................................
News about me, another OH or a lost OH address is enclosed or I'm emailing to Emily at e_muldoon@hotmail.com.