2nd Annual Latchstring Award

Around 7:30 PM on August 22 at the first of the two Guinea Nights, it was announced to a hushed crowd of croo personnel gathered at the Cabin that the possibly coveted and yet to be prestigious Latchstring Award had been won by the croo of the Pearl of the Western Division and the Crown Jewel of the Franconia Ridge, Greenleaf Hut. The announcement was well received and the trophy (newly adorned with a brass plate containing the words, "Greenleaf Croo 2000" with the individuals listed below) was held up for all to see. Certificates matted in a lovely shade of green (what else?) were handed out to the three croo members present and pictures were taken of the recipients by various people in the crowd to commemorate the occasion.

Much the same scenario took place the following night, but without the suspense, because, of course, the news had spread far and wide by that time. The two Greenleaf croo present that night were encouraged to take the trophy back to the hut the next day and after determining that the contraption was not really as heavy as it looked they eagerly agreed. So hopefully at this moment it is at Greenleaf and prominently displayed for all to see. OH on hand were Ned Baldwin and Bill Barrett the first night and Ned and Sally Dinsmore Baldwin the second night. Bill and Sally told everybody a little bit about the Cabin and the OH Association on their respective nights and Ned presented the award both times after explaining the switch from rookie to croo of the year and outlining the intricate and detailed selection process.

The award will be displayed at the Greenleaf Hut until season's end.