by Robin Snyder

Forgive us if you sense that we're out of synch here, but we want to report all the news, even though some of it is well-aged !

Last year's Winter reunion to hear Al Koop was a smashing success! For the sake of those who couldn’t show and may want to connect this year, here’s a list of those who attended in 1998 at Vinny Testa’s in Dedham:

John Meserve, Meredith Bellows, Leonard Dalton, Liz (Shultis) Kotowski, Ed Kotowski, Bruce Shields, Bobbie Costello, John Nesbitt, Bob Daniels, Al Koop, Chris Thayer, Malcolm McLane, Sara Hurley, Jennifer Huntington, Joan Low, Donn Springer, Val Schiessal, Mac Stott, Sandy Saunders, Joe Harrington, Bill Barrett, Chuck Stata, Jen Granducci, Marigen Learned, Martha Gibbs, Amy Seavey, Bonnie Kreitler, Clare O’Connell, Mary Van Dusen, Arnold Carey, Frank Kelliher, Frank Adams, Jim Hamilton, Joan Cottler, Sue Shaffer, Doug Shaffer, Beth Alper, Josh Alper, Sam Alper, Anne Burke, Tom Davis, William Curwen, Vincent LaManna, Phil Costello, Kim "Schroeder" Steward, Malin Bengtsson, Dick Stetson, Sue McLane, Andy Falender, Dick Low, Emily Muldoon, Kathy Springer, Tim Saunders, Richard Meserve, Apples McIntosh, Did Harrington, Karen Barrett, Bill Oliver, Art Learned, Patricia McCabe, Robert Seavey, Bob Kreitler, Sam Pryor, Tom Martin, Carolyn Cary, John Adams, Tom Kelleher, Doug Hotchkiss, Geoff Burke, Robin Snyder.

Then came our 1999 Winter reunion, same place, but what a huge crowd to hear Rick Wilcox, Everest mountaineer and OH Nepal trek leader who showed slides of the Mustang region of Nepal near the Tibetan border. His party, made up mostly of OH, traveled 135 miles in two weeks and gained 96,000 feet of altitude (they had to do a lot of downhill to count those uphill feet). George Hamilton received our Honorary Award and Kathleen Revis Judge along with Rick were made Special Members. A print of one of Sally Dinsmore's mountainscape paintings was given to George. Past secretary Josh Alper was given a fountain pen for his years of service and new steering committee chair, Malin Bengtsson kept the attendees in line during the evening's proceedings. Here's a list of attendees:

Rick Wilcox, Celia Davis, Kathleen Judge, Stan Judge, Nancy Hamlin, Henry Hamlin, Ronald Mallory, Nancy Green, Laurie Hamilton, Jim Hamilton, Stroker Rogovin, Doug Hotchkiss, Wendy Prentiss, Dave Yampanis, Gerry Whiting, Chris Thayer, Jed Davis, Frank Kelliher, Barbara Kelliher, Donn Springer and wife, Kathy McArdle, Linus Story, Bonnie Story, Robert Stillings, Sara Stillings, George Hamilton, Helen Hamilton, Swoop Goodwin, Earl Efinger, Joel Mumford, Margery Collins, Joan Bishop, Linda Bishop Wendy Bishop, Tom Davis, Vincent Lamana, Liz Kotowski, Ed Kotowski, Sandy Saunders, Tim Saunders, Nancy Saunders,Bob Daniels Sara Hurley and guest, John Meserve, Mike Lonergan, Cindy Lonergan, Brian Fowler, Betsy Fowler, Lesley Fowler, Joe Harrington and wife, Bob Kreitler, Bonnie Kreitler, Doug Shaffer, Sue Shaffer, Sleazy Dalton, Chuck Kellogg Bonnie Kellogg, Jonathan Bennett, Dick Treffrey, Dick Meserve, Bill Meserve, Nelson Gildersleeve, Ned Baldwin, Sally Baldwin, Sheldon Perry, John Adams, Frank Adams, Malin Bengtsson, Stroker Rogovin, Tom Kelleher, Tim Jursak, Apples McIntosh, Rachel Pohl, Bill Belcher, Sandy Kelley, Marge Chamberlain, Jen Granducci, Bill Oliver, Chuck Stata, Dick Stetson and wife, John and Sue Gross, Anne Dodge Middleton, Jack Middleton, Sandy Campbell and Sue Middleton Campbell, Phil Costello and wife, Arnie Cary and wife, Andy McLane and Linda McLane, Apples MacIntosh and wife, Tim Jursak, Paul Buffum, Tom Martin, Dick and Joan Low, Tom Kelleher, Mike Dudley, Bill and Karen Barrett with son Jamie and other little ankle-biters whose names escape us.

If we left anybody off the list, sorry for the omission. It was the biggest turnout for a reunion ever. All Cabin trustees were acknowledged--Josh Alper, Jack Middleton and Bill Barrett-- and several past AMC presidents. If you missed the Nepal presentation or want more details, just look at our web page and click Mustang for a chronicle of the trek written by Jed Davis. More about our web page further on in this issue. You'll note we've dispensed with bold names. You speedreaders can run through the following pages and find who you want to read about. The rest us can just curl up with the Resuscitator after dinner and take it really slow.

Well another year gone by. Do you ever get that strange feeling that everything in the world is moving at breakneck speed ? Your children grow older, your friends have gray hair, the hut stories and your escapades get bigger and funnier, your runs seems to get shorter by the week and you are stiff.... Luckily, the OH Association is here to keep you young at heart and full of all the vigor of your hut days and if not that, at least you can hang around with like minded souls.

A number of folks helped to correct the dates and personages who attended various events that we mentioned in last year’s Resuscitator. For instance it seems Jon Martinson, could not have been at Joe Dodge’s Memorial service in North Conway in ‘73, since he wasn’t on the AMC scene until after Dulcie Heiman arrived in 1974. Jenny Beatty also caught that, as well as questioning whether Walter Graff was at PNC before 1974 either. I want to apologize for switching my friend Rita Haberman’s name for Reta Diekmann as Greg Andrew’s wife last year. Can’t imagine how I did that! Suzanne Eusden is always great for helpful editing after she gets her copy and I am working so hard on getting peoples names (and sex) correct when I don’t know everyone and my spell check isn’t always foolproof. Thanks folks for the corrections. Wish we could have time for a few more noses in the soup before publication!

This year folks were using their e-mail more and its been great getting stories and news and editing it directly into the Resuscitator. So all you computer literates out there — please use your email and contact me directly at snydertwn2@aol.com. For the rest of you ... we love getting mail (filled with your dues and very generous donations) so please don’t stop.

Starting off this issue is a note from Arthur F. "Whitey" Whitehead who filled us in on some origins of the Resuscitator and our winter reunions. Whitey says, that at 95 years old, he needs to do it before its too late! In May of 1926 when he arrived at Pinkham, he found a note hanging in the kitchen with various answers to visitor questions on it. Thinking it a good idea, Whitey used input from hut crews to complete answers to visitor questions on a large white cardboard sheet. Things like: "Across the street is Mt. Wildcat" and "You are standing on the base of Mt. Washington", that "the crew didn’t live here all year long", etc., etc.. The list told tourists that the croo made all the food, water was pumped from a spring, to look out for porcupines overhead (i.e. why its called Porky Gulch), to leave the toilets clean. It noted that the food came from S.S. Pierce in Boston and bread was delivered everyday by a local bakery. Whitey titled this list of answers to common questions "The Resuscitator", because it helped the croos from going insane answering oft repeated questions. In a few weeks, each hut had a sheet relating specifically to their area. About winter reunions, he says that at Christmas time in 1925, all the hut crews lived close to Boston, so they got together at a Chinese restaurant in Boston for a big feed and reunion. The next year, they met at the same time at the Museum in Boston where they had prepared dinners and a chance to look around a bit. This went on for quite a few years. Whitey wanted to be around when we read this at the Winter reunion, but we thought we’d also print it here so all those who can’t attend will enjoy the origins of our crazy "fetes".

Dave Douyard was one of many lamenting not being able to make it to spring reunions, though he bragged about traipsing in Germany and the French Riviera, climbing in Utah, kayaking in Southern California. Ahh, but in the end it is the Whites he truly misses.

Emily Thayer Benson and Pete Benson say, "all is well in quiet Carter Notch". The kids enjoy the mountains as much as Emily and Pete whether its skiing, hiking or biking. They missed the Spring Brawl due to recreational obligations in Iceland last year. Wonder what it will be this year? They are now a family of four with Hannah a very precocious 3 years and P.J. ( he looks just like Pete) at one year keeping them busy and slim. Emily is as beautiful as ever! This editor saw them both at The Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire Christmas party (where Peter works) and da editor was just crashing the party.

We received a surprising (only because we hadn’t heard from him in some time) e-mail from Peter Bogdonofff out of the blue. He says he’s still single, lives in Hampton Falls NH, has created some wonderful inventions and consults with the high tech world. He is hoping to start helicopter flight school soon. He says he never quite got over his first helicopter ride with Joe Brigham back in the late 1970’s and now wants to fulfill his dream of being a helicopter pilot. This summer while returning from a quick hiking trip up to Tucks, he picked up a hitchhiker who happened to be Jack Tracy. They caught up on old times on the ride to the Tracy family’s Jackson getaway. Bill Blais was also in the area and a big shindig was planned for the next night (Jack and Joanne Beckett Tracy’s fortieth birthday) that Peter had to miss. Peter says Jack’s children all sound like proper subjects of the crown from their life in England.

Malin Bengtsson is simply trying to keep ahead of his Mass Art School work and wakes up in cold sweats in fear of forgetting OH dues checks. She has taken over as steering committee chair and presides over the first Tuesday of the month meetings at Bertucci's at Fresh Pond T stop in Cambridge. She can be reached at 617 787 3776 if you'd like to drop in on a meeting always open to all.

Matt Dickstein lives in San Francisco, and aside from that, things with him are pretty much just like they’ve always been.

Bonnie Christie is still living in Charlotte Vermont with her husband Larry, daughter Hannah (9 years) and son Ian (4 years). She doesn’t run into many OH around there but did see Al Kamman Sr. at an event in Burlington recently. She sees hut friends Guy and Laura Waterman a couple of times a year and reads all of Nancy Bazilchuck's great articles in the Burlington Free Press. Bonnie and her daughter do an annual hut trip as a special mother-daughter outing. They planned on going to Galehead last summer before the rebuilding started and now have an extra summer of grace time in case they didn’t make it.

Earl "Gil" Efinger enjoys the Resuscitator and thinks we are doing a great job. Ask him about his trip down the Ammonoosuc from Lakes.

Vicky Parra requested a bumper sticker for her new car and says the OH cabin has been a very valuable asset for her which she never fails to appreciate.

Kim "Schroeder" Steward said she would try to stop by the brawl this year.

Jessie McNeil is graduating from New England College in Henniker with a BA in Environmental Studies and heads up to the Whites as often as possible. "Thanks for taking such good care of the cabin all these years " , was the key message for the OH board.

Bertram "Swoop" Goodwin was unable to join us last May for the brawl as his Army reunion was the same day down in Springfield VA at Fort Belvoir. It has been 50 years since his last one so he felt he must go. We do understand Scoop but next time get them to come up to the Whites and play "softbawl". We need more players! He also didn’t make it to last years winter reunion though he’d have loved the chance to see Al Koop’s slides on the German POW camp in Stark and kid Mac Stott a bit. But he did make this year's and sat with George Hamilton, Dick Treffrey and the Manchesters.

Fred Mason provided valuable help in getting our mailing list culled of duplicate addresses

David Tosten just wanted to say hi and insure his croo friends ( like Albie Pokrob, Sarah Hopkins and others) would be able to find him. He’s in Kansas now - an official flatlander - and perhaps even considered a "goofer" His address is 1632 19th Ave. McPherson KS 67460.

Charles Ranlett wasn’t too newsy but at least we know he’s out there.

Charles Gregg sent along a clipping of Stanley Caulkins from the Washington Post at a "power table" in a little restaurant. Stanley was hutmaster of Madison in 1943. Charlie says Caulkins has put on a "little" weight. Last he knew Caulkins was running a jewelry store in Leesburg VA and was a "power" player in town.

Josiah Fisher and his wife Xanthippe announced the birth last year of Silas Augerdt Fisher on Feb. 4 1998. He’s a strapping lad and Josiah swears he’ll order Limmers.

Ann Cole Morgan missed last years winter reunion and hoped to make it to the brawl since its closer - says she’d rather head north than south anyway. She just started participating in team ski racing, joining the King Pine team this year. She wants to add Cranmore next year. Now that she is also online, she’d like to be added to the OH web page annieo@worldpath.net.

Heather Wingate has a new address in France of all places. She says she has lots of room for the next 1 1/2 years. Her address is 4 Rue Du Pre St. Germer, 60270 Gouvieux France, tel. 0344576810

James Marston was outraged at the $15.00 dues. He reminisces that when his OH dues were $1.00 his AMC wages were $7.50 per week, two days off every two weeks and postage was $.03 and faster. Gee Jim, when were you working for the AMC??? Jim says, "Carry on and here’s to the future".

Jen Granducci thinks the OH should start a family membership for those couples that have two OH - maybe dues of about $20. Another idea is to have an OH telemark weekend workshop led by Emma Ansara and Steve Engle (also two OH). Accommodations could be at the cabin.. What do you think folks?

Brian Post is ski patrolling at Park City Ski area.

Henry Rogerson retired, bought a motor home and has been traveling. Last year he went to the Southwest desert country. Maybe this year he’ll head to the Rockies. He notes that "this is a big country".

John Lamanna wrote from Rangely Maine that he was sorry to miss last years reunion, but he was busy with that ice storm. Trees were bent and down everywhere. He was concerned about the cabin and possible damage there. Perhaps he got over to clean up because everything looked fine this summer.

Harry Westcott writes: "We live our nomadic peripatetic life in an old 1975 GMC classic motor home going from pillar to post following the sun. We Gee when you Haw, so never seem to be in the right neighborhood to catch a reunion, Alas".

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