by Robin Snyder

WELCOME back to another year of Gormings gossip, good stories and OH cheer. Hope you all had a good year. This editor must apologize for misspellings this time. So many hand-written notes with no full names left me pondering who was writing in. Next time, if you'd remember to write clearly and print out your full name legibly, I'll work my hardest to get it in with proper credit. Better yet, just email me at which I can post on our website Just open to our site and click on Gormings where there will be periodic updates throughout the year. No need to wait a year for the news! Your Steering Committee urges more use of our internet site for our association news, bulletins, messages and things that don't fit into the Resuscitator. The cost savings in printed pages and postage will really add up over the years and the web space, color and graphic possiblities are limitless. If you have any technical questions about submitting graphic material, click on our page and correspond with Webmaster Tom Kelleher at his email address Just please route your news through me or Jim at so we can organize it for Tom.

ROBIN SNYDER, yours ever in writing procrastination, still resides in Bend Oregon working as an Forest Service ecologist in the summers doing research on bitterbrush and other interesting desert shrubs and in the winters, has actually been paid to lead natural history tours on Mt.. Bachelor the local ski "hill"by the same federal agency. "A junket?" you scream? , Why no, but a great way to get paid to ski, learn to skate ski and perfect a mean tele turn in 4 months. Imagine that. I missed enough of the eastern OH gigs this last year to start thinking about doing an OH west reunion in the Bend area at a local high cascades lakes resort which I may even be managing this year. Any takers?
NICK HOWE has written a book to be published this spring, NOT WITHOUT PERIL-One Hundred and Fifty Years of Misadventure on the Presidential Range of New Hampshire.The book follows an article written for Yankee Magazine called "Fatal Attraction," which was a study of the terrible winter of 1964 on the range. It ran in the February 1995 issue and at 36 pages it practically was the February issue. The response was enormous, more than 100 letters dating back to a man who'd been in on a fatal accident in 1911. Hollywood called and a number of household-name publishers wanted it expanded into a book and the AMC came up with the best deal, which was fine with him. As we go to press, Nick has sent us some excerpts which you can read on our web page and order through a link to AMC Books. Otherwise, call the AMC at Joy Street and inquire about ordering.
Don't forget that SUE HAWKINS (Special Member) and GUY GOSSELIN (our new Honorary member) coauthored Guy Shorey's photographic book Among the White Hills which you can also order through a link on our website.
JACK TRACY writes " BIG congrats and cheers for the website. I love the look up for croos and thought I'd contribute a couple. Referring to pic on the website, he describes the following: "The second is of L to R Jon Davie, Paul Bogohsian, Jack Tracy, Joel T White (Huts Manager), Joe Gill. (Note that's the old packhouse open on the left, tucked under the Obs and the Summit House in the background. I regard this as the way the Summit should be, to the point where although I live part-time in Jackson and view the summit every clear day from our home, I never go to the summit anymore. I skirt it all the time. Call me ancient.). The croo was apron packing this day. We packed so much that summer we had to be creative. The source of the picture is unknown. Joe Gill and I received a copy of it with the following letter from Joel White. "Jack, this is one of the high points by which a Hut's Manager measures his season's success by..." I somehow managed to be rehired the following 3 years.
BOB STILLINGS was looking for his own name in the alphabetical listings, and found that there was another Stillings listed- a George Stillings, Lakes 15. Stillings is not a very common name, but he doesn't remember anyone in his family talking about a George, who would have been a contemporary of his grandfather. He's interested in following this further and wondered how much and what kind of information is available about George. He would appreciate anything.
DULCIE HEIMAN is still in Brisbane (CA), still involved with fungus-Mycological Society of San Francisco, to which she belongs, and still having fun. She went to Louisiana for Festival International de La Louisiana in Lafayette (art and music and culture from all over the French-speaking world), and then to the 2nd weekend of Jazz Fest in New Orleans. My old friend (!) Alan came along. Great weather, food, music, fun.
GREG ANDREW and his wife Reta Diekmann are doing well as is their little boy, Tristan. He must be a strong fighter as he had a liver transplant in May. Gregg, who did not end up being the donor, says it was a tough spring, but Tristan has been pulling through the first 3-6 months which is the hardest for a juvenile transplant. He doesn't think they have been at home even ten days this year between hospital emergencies. I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from a few OH out there.
DAVE WARD sends greetings from the DC area. He was at Pinkham in 86 and in the huts until 89, when I was in the Education dept. He says, "After reading the latest Resuscitator, I saw your call for missing croo members. I happen to know that ANDREA RANKIN is here in town with me (Washington DC), working for the Dept of Justice, and married to a lawyer-type. Her address is 3114 Quebec Pl, Wash DC, 20008, and email address is MARC JORRENS and I were recently reminiscing on our final summer in the huts, when we were together at Lakes, and realized that this summer would be our tenth anniversary. In hopes of possibly getting a small reunion together, we need to try to track down the whereabouts of our fellow croo members, most of whom we haven't heard from since that summer. Do you have any info on LAURA CAPELLE, TOM JOHNSON (little brother of Bill), DINA VELDMAN, BETSY KLIMA, or EMILY WILSON? And of course our illustrious HM, MARK HUNTELY, who I believe is still in Eastern Europe somewhere. I don't see any of them on the OH email list. Anyway, it'd be great if we could find them. I continue to enjoy my croo news from the Resuscitator. Thanks for your help". OK, folks get to it. Mark might still be working for National Public Radio in Poland but brother DAVE HUNTELY may be a good source of information on his wearabouts. Dave is in Boston producing video programs for NOVA. Lets leave IT to all OH to help.
MARY RANKIN adds more ANDREA RANKIN updates to the developing story: the misplaced Ms. Rankin is on a Presidential Fellowship and is working at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. There is more Rankin memorabilia: KATHY RANKIN (if she ever joined the OH) has recently moved to Toronto where she will be teaching at the University of Toronto. Finally even the lost one herself writes, "I didn't know I was lost only to be found by Dave Ward!"
TOM JOHNSON is currently working at a Neuro-rehabilitation Center in Effingham Falls NH as a counselor and living in Tamworth NH.
HANK PARKER says life is still a great daily adventure. See his article about Galehead.
DAVE ALLEN sadly reports the passing of his old hiking pal and best friend Dr. Ed Edwards at age 93. It has been a tough spring confronting the reality that he is gone. Despite this deep loss of an admiring mountain man who's tread few trails in the Whites missed, the Allens are doing "okay". Dave and Michelle are still working at L L Bean. Mathew a HS junior is looking at colleges.
BRIAN FOWLER sent dues and reunion dinner dollars for his family (OH wife BETSY and OH daughter LESLEY), though they like to get their own individual cards. We can certainly accomodate anyone who sends in extra for "the good of the order". The Fowlers will trek in Switzerland this summer with other OH.
DAVE ALBALA returned from ice climbing in Ecuador for two weeks, got engaged to Fran Salerno and married in October and was recently promoted to Professor of Urology at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. That was a busy year Dave!
ELISA HURLEY says Maine is great where she lives in Ellsworth with husband Steve Sampson and two young hikers Annika (5) and Ian (4).
MARGARET THOMPSON has deffered medical school to work as a NAS instructor, live in Jackson WY, and ski lots. "Yeah , Yeah, Yeah. Keep the faith", says she.
RICK ESTES spent the summer of 1998 traveling around the US, fencing in National and International competitions. He trained for a few weeks at the Olympic Trainig Center in Colorado Springs CO; bought some land in Andover NH and has started to build a new life as well as a new home, work and fencing center.
CINDY MAKIN BROWN is still working for Hurricane Island Outward Bound School facilitating corporate groups, coaching and ski racing at Sunday River in the winter. She admited that sea kayaking has cut into her hiking time.
JEAN BENNION returned from another winter in Florida. Next winter is slated for Chicago with the expected 7th grandchild. She says she has a nice house on 5 acres in Whitefield for sale and though she hates to leave it, the yard and maintenance are getting to be too much for her young 70 years.
JEFF DAMP thinks west Texas needs mountains and a few huts.
CHUCK KELLOG is living in Manchester MA, the early home of Joe Dodge. He has been having a bang up season ski racing, winning the world Masters race last year and defending the title in March 2000.
WILLIAM COX said he was sorry for not coming to the Winter Reunion. He's staying pretty close to home base here in eastern Connecticut these days. His very active two-year old son Matthew was joined in October by Adam, who is a very happy camper. We'll have to see if he likes the real thing next summer. His first son, Jonathan, and his wife Ruth, had a little girl last Sunday in NYC. She was considerate enough to wait until just after the Jets' win over Jacksonville. His kiddy packs will be put to a lot of good use this summer!
BILL BELCHER was again at it with railroad fans of the miniature sort last may for the 26th annual Model Rail Road Show in North Conway. He sent us a very fine clipping from the Valley Round-up section of the Mountain Ear in North Conway. Bill, you take a fine mug shot.
JOAN BISHOP took a little "toot" last spring and headed to Tuscon for a week, Maui for two weeks and sunny California for two weeks. Says she slept in a tree house and had her first helicopter ride. Could it have been as fine as one of Joe Brighams's old Bell bubbles? She brought her two daughters to the winter reunion this year. GEORGE HAMILTON is the godfather to her daughter Linda. She also had some very successful abdominal aorta surgery in September and can now walk without pain. Wonderful!!!
STEPHEN WOODCOCK who is still the principal at Sanford Regional High School and vocational center, made it up to the Whites with his family and older OH brother last summer.
CHRIS AND NANCY NESBITT who's son John was HM at Madison in 1999, also visited John last summer at Lonesome Lake. Chris says its fun to have a kid on the current croo.
ELIZABETH CROOKER BATES has a new address and a new husband. On March 14, 1998 she married Dr. Frank Bates a retired Orthopedic surgeon. They still live in Center Sandwich NH and is active. She has been a volunteer cook for the Mt. Washington Observatory for a few different weeks last winter and likes the chance to spend a "week at a time" with lots of weather changes.
DR. JOHN W. ELLERY and his wife JANICE were hutmasters of Zealand in 1941. He wrote to let us know that WILLIAM BRAGURE (who was on our lost list) was his brother-in-law and he died in 1990 at the age of 83 while living in New London NH. His ashes are scattered atop Moosilauke. Bill got his love for the White Mountains first as a member of the Dartmounth Outing Club, and later worked for Joe Dodge at Lakes and Zealand Falls as that hut's first HM. Thanks for the update John and we are sure you and the rest of us miss him.
"SWOOP" GOODWIN thought the last issue of the Resuscitator was super informative and plain "good" reading. He says, "its obvious lots of work and time went into its production, my hat is off to you all. The OHA is robust and that's wonderful to see." He made it down for the winter reunion with CHUCK STATA.
MAC STOTT was sorry to miss the 1999 OH winter reunion but as he explained to Jim Hamilton, it was "Everest vs. Lo Monthang and Everest got there first". He was in fine fettel on stage this January with his Hutman Song presentation.
NORM ADAMS sadly could not join us for any parties this year but, thank his generous soul, he sent his dues.
AMY DERRY is now AMY WILLIAMS-DERRY. She was married in September 1998 to sweetie Clark and now reside in Seattle. She's a lawyer.
BAYARD SMITH is now BAYARD KLIMASMITH and is married to BETSY KLIMA and they live in Seattle at 6525 23rd Ave NE.
ANDY COOK took his son Mac (named him after Red Mac McGregor, actually named after the Canadian explore McKenzie, but the fit is good) and his boy scout troop through the huts last summer and met CHRIS RICHARDSON'S nephew who was the HM at Madison. The trails seemed a lot shorter than Andy remembers them but the huts never change. He says, " I just got the Resuscitator. Looks great and I really enjoy getting it. Really liked the new look of Zealand. I'll fire out my check for the Galehead rebuild this week. It felt like a time warp. It seems the croos pack a lot lighter now, they thought the loads we packed were "huge." Didn't seem huge at the time. And we ran into ALEX MACPHAIL at the OH. You think you're young until you start meeting people's children on the croo."
AL KAMMAN (the elder) has a new address - 49 Mc Mullen Lane in Burlington VT.
JIM ARGENTATI says the new outhouse will be done by spring brawl time.
POLLY SMITH LIT (ANDY MCLANE'S mother) is expecting her first great grandchild last September. Perhaps another hutman/hutwoman? She enjoyed the special on Teen Dodge, "How long suffering she was, letting me tramp through her house (up to the office) 'as tho' I owned it". Wonderful memories of Joe and Teen-and blueberry muffins.
NORMA HART ANDERSON enjoyed a weekend at Zealand and a weekend at Greenleaf as an AMC information volunteer. The "agonies" on the Bridle Path were only so in anticipation, not in fact.
KATHLEEN EDWARDS visited Amy Porter in San Francisco. Kate is still in San Diego and hopes to graduate this year from Scripps Institution of Oceanography where Erika Goetze (trail crew) is also a student.
J. BRYAN WENTZELL is doing carpentry work between other jobs right now. He had a kidney transplant at Mass General in March 1998. Then went to the World Transplant Winter Games in Snowbird Utah in Jan 1999 and won a bronze in Super Giant Slalom and Special Slalom. I guess Organ donation works!! He spent last summer in Denali Park guiding at a lodge.
CANDICE RAINES was named to both the US Ski Archery and US Ski Orienteering Teams for 1997-98 and 1998-99 . This led to her participation in the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Austria and World Ski Archery Championships in Italy last winter. She also participated in the World Masters Nordic Skiing Champion ship at Lake Placid NY last season. Amazing expereinces for a recreational athlete at age 47!! This past season she trained for the World Ski Archery Championships in France. She and her husband still operate Challenge Wilderness Camp for Boys in Bradford VT in the summer and serve on the Tucks Ski Patrol in the spring.
WILLIAM "PORKY" CURWEN couldn't make the 99 winter fete but sends his best as well as bucks. (he did make the 00 reunion).
VINNI LAMANNA was wondering what is Guinea night, where and when? Answer? Check either last year's Resuscitator or the one before. We had an explanation about the entire thing.
PEGGY PARKER (CURTIS), one of the earliest hutman (f) group died in May 1999 at the age of seventy-five years.
TOM DAVIS finally completed his New England 4,000 footers last year and has only one remaining to do in winter. The peak bagger that he is has only five more remaining of the New England 100 highest in the winter. Unfortunately, he had about 30 of the NH 100 highest left to complete before Y2K arrived-our bets are that he lost. He did plan to spend New Year's Eve in the cellar hole on the summit of Mt. Lafayette.
LIZ MAXWELL will be one of the fire look outs over the summer for the Magdalena District of the Cibola National Forest in New Mexico. She says if any one is going through Socorro NM and is interested, just head west up the hill and ask for the ranger district. She says there is lots of neat stuff in the area: the very large array (radio astronomy) Langmuir Observatory (thunderstorm research, et. al.) The lookout tower is at about 10,000 feet. Could it be any less than fun?
RUSS MOON says the new $10 cabin fee will be high for him on a fixed income which deosn't allow much room to play. Given that the body is "wore out" as well, he says he'll still try to make it for the fall reunions.
HEATHER WINGATE has a new address, new car (i.e. she needs a new sticker guys) and a new arrival. She wants to proudly display her OH connection. PO Box 411 Rochester NH 03866-0411. He's here!!! Little Jacob Arthur Wingate arrived on Wed. 24 February 1999 at10:40 a.m. He decided to surprise everyone and make his grand debute while they were home, so he was born on the bathroom floor with a team of paramedics who arrived five minutes prior to Jacob's arrival.....Mommy, Daddy, and Jacob are all doing awesome. "We can't wait to show him off and have him meet you."
DOUG HOTCHKISS recently had SALLY DINSMORE BALDWIN at Gold Leaf Gallery in North Conway, reframe two original Guy Shorey photos of the North and South Passes. They are on permanent display at the OH Cabin kitchen and would be interested in knowing the point from which the pictures were taken. He thinks they were taken around 1920; one says Glen NH and is looking directly up the Great Gulf from somewhere North of the Auto Road entrance. Call Doug at 800-252-7757 with any info.
HANK ROGERSON has not run the "donks" in forty years, but he has been running a motor home and has been trying to climb some of the hills in the west-the ones that start at 4,000 feet and go up. They provide a nice contrast to the flatland of his home in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
AMANDA RILEY'S mom is trying to save us money and get 2 extra copies of our newsletter out of her mailbox. Please delete two. Nice mom, she even offered to pay Amanda's dues.
MIKE PARKER , an OH from the fifties, stumbled across the reunion announcement and wanted to let us know he was a big eater if he came.
TIM HAYMAN writes: " I've been out of the loop long enough that I figured it's time to drop a line and pitch in to the Resuscitator. So here goes: I've recently finished course work at UNH toward a masters degree in English Teaching. The ultimate goal being that I want to teach High School English. The last hoop to jump through is a one year internship that will start in the fall of 2000. In the meantime I have plans of hiking the AT starting in mid March and finishing in mid August. I'll basically be walking from the trail into the class room. I can be reached at
JENNY BEATTY got back from Mt. Washington where they had a June surprise party and reunion to honor our new Honoray Member GUY GOSSELIN'S 37 years on Mt. Washington. It was a crazy weekend, filled with four decades of summit residents. It was also the Ob's annual meeting. It poured so hard all weekend, lots of flooding that set a rainfall record. Lots of OH who also have Obs connections at this party. The Obs party was a surprise "affectionate roast" for Guy, the former Executive Director. Rob Kirsch (was he an OH?) organized the event and many "came forth to relieve themselves of real or imagined grievances, fantastic claims and humorous anecdotes." Guy received a stair and the sign which used to be affixed to the front door of the old Obs. Also in attendance were CHRIS HAWKINS, MIKE JOHNSON and PETER CRANE.
BARBARA (LIVESEY) RICKER admits to listening for our pleadings for news from everyone, " ... [you are] leaning pretty heavily even, and it seems to be working, judging from the length of the "Gormings" column in the latest Resuscitator. Good going." She sees other OH of course. Most recently VICKY PARRA (Montpelier attorney) is a new hut Info Vol. FRANK KELLIHER and EARLE AND ANN PERKINS are regular Info Vols, too, of course. Her croo for the past 3 or 4 years at Galehead during MadFest has been BOB KREITLER and his son Paul, ARNY CARY with and without his new bride Carolyn, and TOM MARTIN. Tom Martin and Barbara seem to manage to get in one hike a year somewhere in the Whites. She is currently working part time, bringing foreign exchange students here from countries in Europe, South America and Asia. SHELDON PERRY and family hosted one of her students last summer.
Speaking of EARLE and ANN PERKINS, they are steeling themselves for guiding an all-OH group on an Alpine trek in Switzerland this summer. Provided Earle and Ann (experienced mountaineers and Swiss trek-guides for Bill Russell Tours) can hold this motley crew together, look to our website for a report after their return. The trip is titled Three Culture because it visits the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Already a wise guy has dubbed it "Wein, Beir und Schnappes".
ALLEN KOOP's excellent Darby Field presentation discusses the arguments for and against the theory that Darby Field really made the first ascent of Mt Washington in the 17th century. Allen is an interesting speaker, and has an excellent Stark POW Camp presentation as well.
REBECCA ORESKES is listed as "missing", but she is right here in the North Country, working for the USFS office in Gorham. She is an annual speaker at the Info Vol weekends, and is terrific. She had a leading role in the re-permitting of the hut system by the USFS.
PEGGY DILLON writes, "How's it going? I just got my dues reminder for the OH Association and thought I'd write you with recent news. I take it you're covering the Galehead reunion. Other than attending that: I'm still living in Takoma Park MD, just outside Washington, DC, and working as a historian. In October I flew to Anchorage, Alaska, to present a paper at a conference, and while there I did a bunch of sightseeing and also caught up with former hutboy STEVE COLT. We were both at Mizpah in 1980. He's teaching and doing research at the University of Alaska.
GRAHAM TRELSTAD wife Julie, and 6 year-old twin daughters Eleanor and Elizabeth moved into their new home in White Plains, NY in December 1999. Graham and Julie decided to build their own house based on the 1999 Life Dream house designed by an architect friend of Julie's (check out Life's web page for pictures of the original house built in Minneapolis). The whole process took longer than planned (doesn't it always!) but the results are spectacular and all are very happy. Graham continues to work for a land use planning and environmental consulting firm in White Plains. His recent enjoyment of mountainous land has been limited to the Catskills and a few trips to the Adirondacks but plans for expeditions to the Whites with the whole family are in the making.
DOUG GEORGE came home one day with all good intentions to reduce his pile of paper work, but made the mistake of getting the mail first.....before he knew it the afternoon was shot....couldn't believe how long it took to get through this issue! "Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! Also interesting to find out about all the OH I hadn't seen or heard of in years wh o live right next door! Do you have an address, phone # or Email for Priscilla Goulding? She's an old lost friend of ours-and, alas, we were in Juneau 2 years ago! Also, the next time you talk to your bum brother , CHANNING SNYDER, tell him to return my phone calls! Believe it or not our boys are now 12 and 15! (I worked at Pinkham when I was 16!) Unfortunately, neither is interested in working in the huts! No deadheading these OH! By the way, why don't you list Pinkham OH in the croo roster?? You should, you know. "
FRANK CARLSON was at the Smithsonian Folk Festival this year which featured NH. At the AMC display booth, he also met visiting PEGGY DILLON, Trail Crew Member "T Bone" Levesque, and Clara Long from Pinkham . PETER LIMMER III was also on hand. Among the "artifacts" on display was packboard #1 Carter Notch. This board was made by Noble McClintock at Pinkham and Frank recognized it as the board he had used in 1940 packing into Carter. It only needs new straps to go back into service! Noble made a lot of these boards in his shop in the basement at Pinkham and they were used throughout the huts.
DOUG TESCHNER still lives in the shadow of Moosilauke where his sons Ben (14) and Luke (10) are growing like weeds. He and wife Marte are just getting older. After 10 years with the New Hampshire legislature, he decideed to take a break and didn't run for a 6th term. He continues to work at the Riverbend Community Mental Health in Concord where he is Director of Development and Public Affairs. Lots of skiing and hiking still in their itinerary. And what about there is no "legal" swimming in the lake at Carter?
BOB PRESCOTT is busy as the President of the National Society of Professional Surveyors and travelling throughout the US and Mexico involving himself with NAFTA as he negotiates for the surveying profession.
BARBARA SITTINGER was on the Pinkham croo in the spring of 1953, then as Joe Dodges secretary through 1955 and returned to assist him in closing his office and affairs two months before his retirement.
BRUCE AND MARY SLOAT work a few days a week for SKICO (Aspen Skiing Company) and ski the rest of the time at their place in Snowmass Colorado. MIKE BRIDGEWATER is also out working for the same company.
SUSANNE EUSDEN says temps in her town of Whittier Alaska at writing time were 10 degrees Farenheit with 70 knot winds making it mighty cold up there.They had received over 12 feet of snow the month of December, an impressive winter with more to come . Last year she skied right into July on the mountain behind her house.
PAVEL CENKL and JENNIFER SCHOEN were married at Zealand on June 28, 1998 with numerous Limmer-clad OH attending. Ted Brown (OTFC) officiated. The couple is living next door to BILL OLIVER and JEN GRANDUCCI at the White Mountain School where Pavel is writing his PHd Dissertation on White Mountain Literature and Jennifer teaches in the Learning Assistance Program.
JENNIFER CARTER is in Seattle doing National Service under Americorps working with "troubled" middle schoolers, teaching conflict resolution, anger management and teamwork skills.
BILL HOFFMAN retired from teaching at the University of Arizona in July 1998 but is still doing research and astronomical observing. The added spare time allows for more fun to get to Kloisters in Switzerland in January and to Pontresina in February, both skiing adventures and Sandwich NH in summer. ARTHUR HARRIS wants to pay his dues now that number 1 son lives in South Conway and he'll need a nice place to stay at the cabin!!
LARRY KILHAM doesn't get back east much from Sante Fe NM though he does see JOHN SCHULTZ now and then. Larry has a nice environmental business, travels overseas alot and is working on a book about entrepreneurism.
CRAIG NESBITT and family says that after 11 years in California, they have moved to Lousville Kentcky. Big Change!!
JUDY STEPHENS would love to see OH out on Orrs Island Maine when they are there between June and September. They are in the phone book and welcome visitors.
DICK C (fill in the last name) writes great to read the newsletter, lots of interesting tidbits. Been spending winters sailing in the Bahamas (highest point 210 feet) which has sadly been the extent of his mountaineering of late.
ALEX MACPHAIL added a few new photos to the Cabin. His concerns (and others' comments about our rather relaxed Cabin procedures-and recent abuses) has required new Cabin use rules now in effect.