This cabin is owned and maintained by former employees of the AMC Hut system. The Old Hutman's Association is not supported by the AMC and depends entirely on the volunteer and financial support of its membership. The cabin was constructed as a place where current and former croo can relax and enjoy the mountains and each other's company. Your membership dues support the upkeep of the cabin and pay the taxes, utility and property insurance bills that must be paid in order for the cabin to remain available to dues paying members and their friends. Please make the effort to leave the cabin in better shape than you found it.


1) Who has use of the cabin
Card carrying, dues paid-- with current date on card--members of OH Association or current crews of the Hut System. Guests of OHA members or current crews are the responsiblity of the person who signed out the key at the Pinkham desk. Groups should be limited to 10. Person signing out shows card and signs name and address in sign out book. Overnight fees deposited in Cabin box: $15 for over age 25; $5 for children; current croos free.

Forgot to pay the cabin fee? You can now do it online:

Overnight Cabin Fee

2) Who doesn't have use of the cabin
People who can't show a card or who are past crew with no affiliation either with the OHA or no longer employed by the Hut System. Dead Heads are trespassers and will be removed from the cabin. It is expected that all who use the cabin are staying for several days at most; it is not to be used for extended vacations or a place to leave one's gear while working in the Hut System.

3) Responsibility of the person signing out the key
Sign in the PNC desk log book the following: Name, address and telephone number. Pickup a copy of CABIN OPERATING MANUAL which defines all cabin procedures. If, during the course of that person who signed out the key, there is damage to the cabin, that person will be held financially responsible for materials and labor for repairs or replacement. Person signing out the key is expected to return the key to the desk and sign it back in; if this is impossible, then the person returning the key assumes the same responsibiity as the person who signed it out and is expected to sign the key back in.

The key at Pinkham can only be signed out during the hours of 6:30am to 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 4) Everyone using the cabin is expected to enforse these rules
Ask people sharing the cabin if they too are authorized to use the cabin. If there is any doubt, suggest alternate accomodations in the valley. Always respect the group use of the cabin facility and remember that the cabin has stood for over sixty years without a serious incident even before it was checked periodically and we wrote these rules.

    This is a short list of "must do" items for cabin users:
  • Clean the cabin thoroughly: Pick up and sweep out the entire cabin, wipe down counters and clean any dirty dishes with soap and water, and in particular-CLEAN THE FRIDGE!!! In winter unplug the fridge and leave the door open.
  • Do not leave food!!! Canned & bottled goods will freeze and break or rust with old age. Dry goods will remain until someone else throws them out. So, Do not leave food!!!
  • Take out all of the trash and put new liners in the trash-cans
  • Turn the gas valve off on the propane tank at bottom of trail.
  • Make sure the wood-stove is out and closed up and fill up the wood bin.
  • Sprinkle a little lime in outhouse and lock the catch on the door to prevent wind/animal damage.
  • Shut and lock all windows upstairs and down including the skylights. Shut and latch the woodshed door.
  • Open water valve wide at end of water pipe below the porch (to the right) even if the temperature is above freezing when you leave. (FALL AND SPRING ONLY).
  • In the Winter months -- Disconnect electricity by flipping the double breaker marked MAIN in the upper left corner of the service panel. Panel is between reefer and stove. In summer, leave the power on so the fridge remains cool.
  • Please do not put or leave any flammable items on the mantel nor behind the stove pipe, do not use candles in the bunkrooms, do not disconnect the fire alarms, do not smoke in bed. Be aware of and correct potential fire hazards, we don't want to lose you or the cabin. Check location of safety equipment.

If there is firewood at the bottom of the trail, help bring it up to the woodshed.

When checking out, lock the front door and return the key to the Pinkham front desk for use by the next OH and thanks for leaving the cabin better than you found it.


If you leave the cabin but will be returning again, lock the front door and put the key over the door inside the woodshed.

Please limit group size to 10 people or less. Remember, the ONLY WAY TO STAY HERE IS TO HAVE A CURRENT O.H. OR CURRENT CREW MEMBER WITH YOUR GROUP.

Please report any problems to Cabin watchman Mike Waddell at 603-466-5149. Mike checks the cabin periodically.

Water quality is never guaranteed so folks should bring their own potable water or boil what's there.

And lastly,