Cabin Restoration Project

Below the DeckSeems that time finally has caught up with the old place. Built in the 1930's by the past generation of OH for OH, you have seen the constant improvements or read about them in these pages over the past several years. We have set aside a Cabin reserve in each annual budget for minor repairs and replacement of furnishings and fixtures. A great relief provided to our out-of-pocket funds is the annual volunteer work performed by the Stetsons, Jim Argentati and others who give their own time and skills.

This fall, Mike Waddell started to replace a few of the pilings holding up the porch and found that the sills supporting the Cabin had rotted to the point that the all there was between the Cabin staying on the hill or making a rapid decent to the parking lot was a single bearing timber and the rock upon which it rested. He went to work jacking up the front, removing the deck and replacing the front sills.

As we go to press, work will be completed replacing the rotten timbers, but there still is work to do on the sides and back of the Cabin that might not be as in as bad shape as the front but will eventually need replacing. Expenses have run $6,000 to replace the deck and the front sills with an estimated additional $4,000 to complete the job around the back. Add to that the upgrading of the kitchen cabinets, counters and sink and that stash of money in our treasury looks to take a hit. If you can spare a few more dollars when sending in your dues, still a paltry $15, please feel free to send a larger payment so that we may continue to go forward with our planned improvements and rebuild our reserve.

As always, dues and contributions are sent by check to:

The O.H.Association
80 Rowley Bridge Road
Topsfield, MA 01983