by Stroker

Dear OH journalist (professional, frustrated, budding, or otherwise):

Here's the deal: the Resuscitator needs your old hut tales. I was sincere in my solicitation, made in last spring's issue. We'll put 'em in the Among The Crowds section. Write anything you think we might print, which is to say, well, damn near anything.

If your creativity needs a kick-start, I'm trying to pull together annual columns on the following themes (among others):

Wackos in the Whites: encounters with weirdos, including survival tips.

Goofer Questions: Everybody's heard at least one classic! Share it! Send us the good, the bad, and the truly astounding. "How do the women get up here?"

I've had other ideas for articles and/or series which I haven't moved on as yet. I invite any of you to take 'em and run with 'em if you're so moved. These include:

Krump Spots I Have Known

Sneak Preview---Summer Pack Trou Fashion Review

Gooks, Geeks, & Things That Go Bump in the Night: Mt. Tales of the Supernatural: first hand accounts, second hand accounts, unfounded rumors, gross fabrications.

Poop from the Poop: hut romances that blossomed into marriages, torrid affairs, near-misses. Classic trysting spots, pickup lines and techniques... (C'mon JM, I remember batting this one around with you at Cha-Cha's years ago. You got something yet?)

Packing Tips

Cooking Tips

Cooking and Packing Tips, Packing and Cooking Tips...

AMC and The Ice: a thumbnail history of the Martinfarb connection, who's been down to Antarctica ("lifers," one-timers, and everyone in-between), tales of wonder, woe, and weirdness. I've never been. Clue me in. Or write it yourself. Let's talk...

I know you folks can rise to the occasion. What's it gonna take to share some of those priceless memories with the rest of us, 15 minutes? OK, so it takes the perfectionists among you 20 minutes. I still have a few old Among the Crowds, and some of that stuff is still almost as fun to read 18-whatever years later as it was to write! So fire up those Macs and PCs, be thankful you don't have to mess with White-Out and the idiosyncrasies of Betsy Byrd's Selectric II, and get crankin'!

(781) 641-2506