Mizpah Crew Framing Project

Now it's on to Mizpah to replace the old pictures.

The Baldwins are contributing their expertise and much donated labor, but can't do these projects for freebies. Rough budget estimate will run around $2000.

Here's how you can help. If you worked on any of the Mizpah croos or know anyone who did, dig through your old photos or slides to see if you have any images that show any of those missing folks during those years. Contact Doug Hotchkiss, who is the Mizpah coordinator at 978-526-7063.

You can help fund the Mizpah picture framing project. Your contribution can really help make sure that a visible token of our special tradition of camaraderie and esprit de corps extending back for generations of OH is preserved for the hiking public and future hut croos to understand and appreciate. Just make your check out to the OHA and send to
17 Brenner Drive
Newton, NH 03858

Please write on your check, Mizpah framing project so John Meserve can keep track.