February 27th - March 1st 2009
Little Lyford Pond Camps Ski Trip

Panoramic group shot of the 2009 OH and friends Maine ski trip shot by Peter Grote on a Noblex split-scan camera. From left to right, standing, back row: James Draper, Dick Stetson, Clare O’Connell, Sandy Saunders, Becky Saunders, Josh Alper, Jim Hamilton, Phil Preston, Mike Bridgewater, Bridgette Qualey, Gerry Whiting, Marion Thornton, Dick Thornton, Maria VanDusen, Mike Dudley, Chuck Kellogg, Doug Hotchkiss, Jed Davis, Rein Beeuwkes, Linus Story, Dave Baker, Roger Foster, Steve Bridgewater Sitting, front row: Celeste Miliard, Baiba Grube, Pat Peterson, Merce Wilczek