2002 Latchstring Award

The croo of Madison Spring Hut was the 2002 winner of the Latchstring Award presented at the OH Cabin during the End of Summer Party festivities at the end of the third week of August. Each summer the Latchstring Committee of the OH Association presents the award to the croo which seems to best demonstrate the philosophy of “mountain hospitality for all” first attributed to Joe Dodge. Selecting the winning croo is usually a difficult process because of the high caliber of all the individuals hired to staff the huts. In fact, on any given night during the summer, each of the hut croos is probably at some point providing the best guest experience in the system. But most years, it seems that there are two or three huts where the chemistry among croo members vis-àvis the hut guests really seems to come together consistently. After going through guest comment cards, discussing committee members’ visits to the huts, and getting a little feedback from management, the committee eventually discovers a few things that make the winner stand out just a little more than the other finalists. In 2002, the Madison Croo stood out for such things as preparing food and drink and taking it to a volunteer trail adopter who was working in the area. When a guest’s dog became injured, they volunteered to carry the animal down the mountain. They averted a potentially dangerous situation by offering food and lodging to an under-equipped group of young people and their leaders. And, last but not least, they put on a stupendous Mad Fest Party to relieve the mid-summer doldrums of their fellow hut croos. Congratulations to the 2002 Madison Croo of Emmy McQuaid (HM), Carter Wilding-White (AHM), Mason Herring, Mac Cook, John DeCoste, and Lara DuMond (Naturalist)!