Joan Belcher Browne wrote, via the website in October, "Hi Fellow OH Croo'rs! MegaGreetings to One and All!!! Long time no see or speak! I've been joyfully very busy here on the West Coast for nigh-on these 35 years: raising children; building a successful Administrative and Accounting career; planning and attending weddings of our children, watching precious grandchildren miraculously come into our lives, thrive, and graduate from high school; and semi-retiring to the Ventura County coastal area!!! It's been a highly gratifying life for all of us in the Browne Family; and we keep finding new and exciting sights and regions to visit and explore, including three extensive trips to Alaska, three to Hawaii, many to National Parks in the West, as well as junkets up and down the West Coast to visit family and friends, or just get lost in the spectacular beauty of our Great Western United States!!! I hope everyone is well and thriving too and are embarking on a very enjoyable and friend-filled weekend of work at the OH Cabin! While I'll be West Coast tripping, I pass on my best personal regards to One and All, especially the folks I worked with back in the Good Ol' mid-60s at Pinkham!!!"

Ruth and Max Wiener chimed in from Israel. "Needless to say, 6000 miles and two oceans preclude our attendance. But please keep sending us these invitations...if for nothing else, for the pleasure of vicariously being part of AMC/OHA events, which we so loved and miss...Incidentally, Max is hitting 80 this coming November; and Ruth hit 77 this past May. Ruth has retained her great jogging pace...5 miles daily, 6 mornings per week...Max's knees have slowed him down. Nevertheless, we both pound our walking legs on the Jerusalem streets for at least two hours (about 7 miles) each day...And Max's Israeli folk dancing pace (3 to 4 vigorous evenings per week) goes tiresomely but delightfully on... If you don't use it, you lose it!"

From Michelle Mathieu, this update. "Unfortunately I will not be able to make [Oktoberfest], as I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, but the kraut and company will be missed. I also want to let you know that my father, Chuck Stata, will not be able to attend this year. He was in a near-fatal car accident on August 25 and has a long road ahead of him before he will be able to venture beyond the hospital walls. I can't remember the last reunion he missed, so I thought I would put in a word to let members know why. I actually posted a note on the message board giving more details of the accident if you are interested in learning more."

On that note, Jim Hamilton spoke with Chuck recently and posted an update on the message board which reads: "As of November 18th, Talked to Chuck Tuesday November 18. He's home from a hospital stay that included screwing and plating him together after he ran into the rear end of an 18-wheeler on Rt. 495. Though he's presently recuperating and driving around his home in a wheelchair, he plans to make the Winter Reunion January 24 at the Sheraton Ferncroft in Danvers. You can reach him at home at 603 888 4524 to say hi."

Herb Kincey wrote, "Thanks for the information on Oktoberfest and the work weekend Unfortunately, I live way out in New Mexico and seldom get back to New Hampshire these days. I worked for George Hamilton at Pinkham way back in 1961 and lived upstairs in the old lodge. I believe it was called Porky Gulch or something like that in those days. It was a great life for a young guy just out of college. I enjoyed especially learning to ski over at Wildcat. Back then We Southern boys didn't know much about the sport. Eventually I crashed and had to wear a cast on my wrist for about a month. But learning to ski made it all worthwhile."

Allen Doyle was not at Oltoberfest, but "at a volunteer work weekend here in Santa Barbara. I'll think of you and crisp days and crimson swamp maples."

Now, on to the snail-mailers…
Peter Fallon writes from Vero Beach, Florida that he has been on the road quite a lot due to his terrorist response training exercises. Bob McIntyre was inducted posthumously into the Melrose (MA) High School Athletic Hall of Fame in May. He was lauded for his years of coaching and dedication to the athletic program there. He also was a driving force behind the construction of the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Dorchester, MA, and he ran the EMass Football Superbowls from their inception in 1972 until his death in 1997. Thanks to Bob Harris for sending this article in. Larry Eldredge wrote in from Oxford, UK, and provided the recent Resuscitator article on the huts in the early 1950s. We are always looking for good articles and anecdotes to publish here, so please don't be shy - send them along!

Bruce Sloat kept quite busy this year. He wrote, "this has been a busy spring with a ski vacation in Colorado to get me up to 80 days on skis, a reunion, wedding, etc. in south west PA with 2 rail trails thrown in in order to test out my new bicycle. Mary had her reunion at Holyoke for four days. Then it was Chicago for a graduation, Willis's wife is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Three days of bicycling in Vermont as we won three days at the Ramada in Burlington on the TV auction. Lastly it was to Maine for 2 days to open up Mary's sister in law's camp. We are back to normal for a while. Yes, the hut. I have been up 8 times with three overnights. The new stove is at the hut, it took 4 loads. The trail is clear. Doug George and Caroline and some friends were up at the hut a while ago and had a good time."

To commemorate the 64th anniversary of his hutmastership, Fred Stott hiked up to Madison Hut in mid-June with his son, Sandy. Fred was hutmaster there back in 1939 and reported that neither his hip nor his heart gave him any trouble during the hike. He sang the praises of the 2003 hutmaster and fellow Williams Alumna, Liz Miggatt. It must have been a great treat for the croo! Congrats to Fred!

After 20 years of work on a NASA Astronomy Mission "Space Infrared Telescope Facility", Bill Hoffman was finally able to see it off into space at the August 2003 launch. Well done! He regretted that the launch schedule prevented him from joining the OH summer reunion at Galehead. Al Starkey wrote from "un-alpine" Wayzata, MN that he misses the high country. He is retired and has three daughters. Jean MacMillan Bennion sends her "thanks to Guy and Brian for the MMVSP articles" and said that they included her favorite picture of her little brother, Tony. She currently holds NH vehicle plate MMVSP1. Jean Farquhar McCoubrey has been living in Philadelphia since 1980. She is married with three children and practices architecture. She sees Sam Osborne from time to time and goes to the Wissahickon Park in Philly where she pretends to be far, far away…Stanley Caulkins, Madison '42-'43, has been a pilot for 46 years. Congratulations to Libby Beede (formerly Corindia) who was married to Carl C. Beede in December of 2002. Jeffrey Abbe is working for the City of Durango, CO as a public works inspector. He loves his job, skiing and life in general at 7000 feet. Barbara Ricker reports of her 2003 winter hiking expedition along the beach in Nassau! Brrr.? Francis McClellan visited with Bob Temple in Jackson. Dobie Jenkins wrote to tell us of a 1950s Trail Croo reunion in July. Please send us news of the event as I'm sure many will be interested to hear of the characters present. Joan (Wort) Bishop traveled about last winter visiting various family members in Hawaii, California and Tucson, among them brother in law Art Bishop.

George Benton was featured in a recent issue of The Zephyr, a newsletter of sailors who served aboard the USCCC Westwind (WAGB-281). The piece chronicled his career in the Coast Guard from Havanna, to the Arctic and Antarctic. " George reported aboard the icebreaker USCGC Westwind where he would serve for more than three years. For George it was polar bears to penguins. Two trips north and one south in a key leadership position. He recalls many of the events of the trips but one that stands out thaws the time the Danish ship, Elfy North, got stuck in the ice and the Westwind rendered assistance." George retired from the Coast Guard in 1970 and began a second career as a corrections officer at the Maryland State Prison in Baltimore. He is now 74 and tries to visit his native New Hampshire whenever he has the opportunity.

Arthur Harris wrote, "I had a great ride with the AMC and OH. I was employed at Pinkham around 1939 and although I was too skinny to pack and spent all my time in the notch, there was an advantage to that - you got to know Joe and Tina well, also Texas Benton, cook. I used the OH cabin on several occasions but now our No.1 son, George Harris, lives in South Conway and we go visit him and rent a cabin on Conway Lake for a week. My best pal in the Huts was Frank Carlson, and I am in touch with him regularly. He was Harvard class of '42 and I was class of '43. He was hiking the last I knew, whereas I have (at 82) slowed down. I could make Crystal Falls just barely…I am a life member of the AMC - joining the club before I even worked in the huts. Phyllis and I have adopted the Green Mountains, but there is no view quite like from Conway Lake with Mt. Washington, the mother of all the Whites, off in the distance. We took the Cog RR two years ago and on the summit, walking around, we were surely viewed as gofers, but that is OK with us! Phyllis ad I hiked all over with our three sons and introduced them to the mountains and the huts."

Liza Walker caught up with Mike Eckel in Brooklyn recently. Amy Porter was in attendance at JT Horn's summer wedding in the Hanover area. Jeremy Eggleton is also in the Hanover environs working for the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth. He saw Margaret Thompson recently.

I attended the wonderful wedding of Emma Ansara and Steve Engle this August in southern New Hampshire at Emma's family's beautiful farmstead. The rain held off just long enough for them to complete their post ceremony pond-crossing canoe ride to the reception. In attendance were a hoard of OH crumpers (!) including (and apologies as I know I'm going to forget someone) Malin Bengtsson, J. Bryan Wentzell, Wendy Prentiss and husband Dave Yampanis, along with their children, Megan Prentiss, Jen Granducci, husband Bill Oliver and their children, John Poore , Sara Hurley, Heather Harland Wingate and family. It was a fine fete for a great pair and much fun and reminiscing was had by all.

Gormings Editor: Emily Muldoon Kathan