AMC Huts Manager, Dave Herring, has reserved all of the spaces at Galehead Hut on Sunday night, August 24, 2003. These spaces will be made available to current members of the OHA to make their reservations at the ’03 OH rate of $50.40 and a children’s rate of $33.60 which are 30% off regular rates. Typically, the OH rate is only available to current members of both the OHA and the AMC. As a way of showing the AMC’s appreciation for the OHA’s successful participation in the AMC’s Capital Campaign, the OH rate will be made available (on this night only) to all members of the OHA regardless of their membership status with the AMC. On Thursday, July24, 2003, all of the remaining unreserved spaces (hopefully there will not be any!) for August 24 at Galehead will be released and made available to the general public to reserve at the current rates. To reserve your space for this event contact AMC reservations at 603-466-2721 x102. For the AMC’s cancellation policies, see the AMC website at www.outdoors.org. Dave and the Huts Field Assistant, Caitlin Gray, will plan to work closely with the Galehead croo as well as the OHA to ensure the enjoyment and success of this event. Bob Kreitler and Arnie Cary are planning another memorable Galehead gala. So walk, crawl, stagger, limp or hobble your way there. The OH contact for this event is Bill Barrett who can be reached at 781-729-2763 or email williamsbarrett@yahoo.com for questions.

Galehead was completely rebuilt in 1999-2000, and those who have not yet seen the new building are in for a treat. Consider this occasion as a possible reunion for your entire croo (whether or not you were a Galehead croo). As the date approaches, we'll try to organize group hiking parties using various routes to the Hut.

For further information check with Bill Barrett, 781-729-2763

Reservations Booked with AMC as of August 14, 2003
 Bill Barrett Andy McLane Bob Kreitler
 Linus Story Jed Davis Betsy Fowler
 Arnold Cary Jim Argentati guest
 guest Saundy Cohen Stroker Rogovin
 David Douyard guest Hank Parker
 John D. Nesbitt guest Doug Hotchkiss
 Jim Hamilton guest guest
 David Burnham guest guest
 Michael Dudley Geremy Eggleton Mary Sloat
 John Gross Gary Whiting Bruce Sloat
 Fiddler Guest Guest


Here are some suggestions for a variety of routes and itineraries to/from Galehead which might be considered in planning group hikes and spotting of vehicles for the OH Night at Galehead, Sunday, August 24, 2003:

A. In and out from the North. Using Gale River Trail, North Twin Trail, Garfield Trail, or a combination thereof. (Note: trailheads here are relatively far apart, so either a vehicle should be spotted at the ending trailhead or the AMC Hiker Shuttle should be used if a different trail is taken for leaving than for arriving.)

B. In and out from the South. Using Franconia Brook Trail, Bondcliff Trail, or a combination thereof.

C. Traverse (either North-South or South-North). Using one trail from A above and one trail from B above, and either spotting a vehicle at the other end or trading keys at the Hut with another group doing the opposite traverse.

D. East-West Traverse. Saturday night at either Greenleaf or Zealand (where regular rates---including, if eligible, the regular OH rate---would apply), and Sunday night at Galehead. Then, either exit via a trail in A or B above, or continue on to Zealand or Greeenleaf (at regular rates) for Monday night. (Here again, either a vehicle should be spotted or the AMC Hiker Shuttle used.) Reserve early if this option is chosen because Saturday night reservations at Greenleaf and Zealand will be gobbled up quickly (if not already).

Recognizing that weather can change the best-laid plans, as the date approaches, we will try to keep track of which groups are planning which itineraries in order to enable participants to hook up with an appropriate hiking party or to plan cooperative ntineraries. Keep Bill Barrett advised of your planned itinerary at 781-729-2763.