IT ALL STARTED QUITE INNOCENTLY. Last spring’s Gormings announced the big news that Betsy and Brian Fowler were the grandparents of Hunter Fowler Nesbitt, whose parents were Lesley and John Nutter, both of Gould Academy. That mix up of Nutter-Nesbitt names brought us an email from Nancy Nesbitt to once and for all set the record straight. Here is the correct version of the Nutter-Nesbitt family tree: Nancy Nutter Nesbitt, PNC ‘70, was the sister of John Nutter, Lakes ‘64-‘66—and we believe the only Nutter to work in the huts. Nancy married Chris Nesbitt, PNC ‘67, Lakes ,‘68, etc., and they have a son John H. Nesbitt, Lakes Fall ‘69, Zealand ‘97, Lonesome ‘98, Madison ‘99, Galehead ‘00, and Greenleaf ‘01. Chris’ brother Craig worked in the huts in ‘67 and ‘68.

Now it just so happens that the other Nesbitt, John D. Nesbitt—who we called Nutter in Gormings—coincidentally worked with John H. Nesbitt for one season. John D. addressed John H. by the nickname Nez, and the two went on to become lifelong friends.

Nancy reminded us that that we weren’t the first to confuse the two John Nesbitts. But there’s a whole lot more here. Seems that Betsy’s husband, Brian Fowler, worked with John Nutter at Lakes; Nancy knew his future wife, Betsy Corindia, while they worked at PNC. Nancy reminded us what a small world the AMC is! It got us thinking how many legacies, siblings, and generations worked in the huts as well as OH marriages. Add ties to past AMC presidents and notables, and the list goes on and on. So here is an attempt at recording as many of these family ties as we know—and what better place to start than with Joseph Brooks Dodge himself, who came to the Whites in the ‘20s.

Joe was hired by Milton “Red” MacGregor, the first hut manager, from ‘21 to ‘28 when Joe took succeeded him. “Red” had a son Arthur “Skiwax,” and there was another MacGregor, Forbes “Black Mac,” who also worked in the huts. The family tradition that was to unfold was early-on forged by the MacGregors.

Joe’s two children, Brooks Jr. “Hiram” and Ann, worked in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Ann, PNC and Dolly Copp ‘50s, married Jack Middleton, Tucks ‘47-‘49, Madison ‘50, and Dolly Copp ‘50. Though their children didn’t work in the huts, Michelle Dodge Whyte, Joe’s great grand-daughter and grand-daugh-ter of Brooks, worked at Greenleaf in ‘05 and was HM of Zealand this summer and Lonesome this fall. Her sister Dominique Dodge is headed for Carter to work fall, and Michelle’s husband, Shamar, works in reservations at PNVC.

Fran “Foochow” Belcher, who worked at Madison in the ‘30s, went on to become the AMC’s first executive director at Joy Street and had three sons—Charlie, Jeff and Billy—working in the huts in the ‘50s and ‘60s and two daughters—Betsy and Joan—who worked at PNC. Fran can’t be criticized for nepotism, since the AMC in those days hardly paid a living wage.

Another venerable OH, Bob Temple, squire of Jackson’s Thorn Hill Road and one of our latest honorary members, worked for Joe in the ‘30s and had a daughter Anne, who worked at PNC in the early ‘60s. Another Joe Dodge-era hutman, Arthur Coburn, Jr., Madison ‘21, had a son Larry who worked at Greenleaf in the ‘50s. Joe’s secretary Polly Litt McLane’s son Andy worked at Zealand in the ‘60s. Bob Story worked for Joe in the ‘30s, followed by son Linus at Greenleaf in the ‘60s. Brownie Brinkley, also ‘30s, had a son Brownie who worked Tucks and CC in the ‘60s and was a classmate at Williston Academy with Linus. The Macmillan clan started with Stewart “Brown Mac” Macmillan, whose children were Jean Bennion, PNC ‘50s, Andy, Madison ‘50s and Tony, Carter and then Chez Madison in the ‘60s.

Tim and Sandy Saunders were brothers working for Joe in the ‘50s; Tim worked on the hut committee, and Sandy went on to serve several terms as president for the AMC, has sat on numerous AMC boards, and is an honorary OH. Nick and Johnny Howe, both living in Jackson since their boyhoods, worked in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Nick is a journalist, who has written for Yankee Magazine and is author of AMC Books’ Not Without Peril. John, after retiring from the Obs, has sailed his antique wooden sailboat with his wife, most recently a year-long cruise to the Caribbean. Roger Hart, Greenleaf ‘50s had a sister Norma Hart Anderson, PNC ‘50s. “Santa Claus” Lewis, Greenleaf’s first hutmaster in ‘30, had a son Dave who worked in the ‘60s. Vinny Lamanna’s son John “Rico” worked trail crew in the ‘70s. Bob “Gramps” Monahan, who also worked with Joe at the Obs in the ‘30s, had two sons Bob and Dan who worked at Lonesome in the ‘50s. Bob’s brother Delong worked at Lakes ‘23.

Ray Lavender worked in the ‘30s and later served on the AMC hut committee. His son Ray Jr. worked at Greenleaf the summer of ‘55 and joined Bob and Dan for the bearding of the Old Man of the Mountains caper written up in the Resuscitator. Ray had another son Gary, who worked at Zealand and Mizpah in the late ‘60s. Willy and Eddie Hastings worked in the ‘50s, and Willy’s wife was Virginia Dacey, PNC ‘50s. Moose Damp had four OH sons—Andy, Jeff, Jonathan and Eben—and Moose’s wife Nutt worked at PNC. The Blanchard brothers, Carl and Bill, were around the huts from the ‘40s through the ‘60s, and Carl’s wife Barbara worked PNC, as did their daughter in ‘69.

There was a southern contingent of brothers, all from Virginia, who worked for Joe—Roger, Stan and Tom Caulkins. We think they were brothers, but there could have been a cousin thrown in there. Bob Temple reminds us they were from Virginia, and they talked with a southern drawl. Other brothers who worked in the ‘50s were Skip and Bob Cary at Madison and Fred and Phil Preston—Fred later became president of the AMC. He had three children who worked in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Brooks on trail crew, Lynnelle at PNC and Lakes and Cammie at PNC. Brothers Gregg and Nick Prentice were at Lakes and Lonesome in the ‘50s. Gregg married Jane Dunmore, PNC ‘60. Doug and Dave Darlington worked in the ‘60s, and we know a daughter Elizabeth worked in the ‘90s—we think Doug’s. She did stay in the OH family by marrying Greg Auch.

Then there were the husband and wife couples working in the huts during the war, when there was a shortage of personnel. First there was John and Janice Ellery at Zealand in ‘40 and Paul and Ruth Prescott at Lonesome in ‘41. Willy “El Wacko” Ashbrook and his wife Florence “Kitty” followed the Ellerys at Zealand. Kitty’s brother “Stonewall” diZerega worked at Lakes and her sister Lucy was engaged to Ted Fuller who died in WWII. Kitty’s son Willy, who worked in the ‘60s, talked about being conceived at Zealand until a careful study of his birth date revealed that his gestation period would have been several years. Slim and Clarista “Cal” Harris worked at Zealand in ‘45, accompanied by their daughter Sally—then 7 years old— and son Kim. Sally later worked at PNC in ‘56.

Good thing we talked to Pete Richardson to get his family connection. First, he worked at Madison and Lakes in ‘42, then he and wife Keenie ran Zealand in ‘48. They had two sons who worked in the ‘70s— Chris who worked at Lakes in ‘70 to ‘71 and Charlie at Carter and Zealand in ‘70 and ‘71. Grandson Nick worked at Madison and Greenleaf in the ‘90s and is now at Tuck School. After a stint at the Obs, Pete chaired the hut committee and presided over AMC North Country Board projects.

Brooks and Petie Goodrich Van Everan were at Zealand in ‘59. Zealand was the only hut that had a double bed in the crew room and the third crew member, if there was one, found his accommodations in the poop deck. Zealand also was run in the fall of ‘97 and ‘98 by Earle and Ann Perkins, who became OH after son Jake worked at Greenleaf and Lakes in the ‘80s. Earle had served as president of the AMC and subsequently on the board of advisors. Earle can claim the unique distinction of gaining official OH status after his term at Joy Street.

Ed and Jerry Wicks ran the hut in Evans Notch for several years before it closed in ‘59. It was our only hut east of the Carter Range, formerly the Old Brickett Place, by the side of the road just over the border in Maine.

Josh Alper reminded us that the husband-and-wife teams of the modern era in the huts really started at the newly constructed Lonesome when Dick and Nancy Zeisse ran the hut in ‘67 and ‘68, followed the next year by Chuck and Paula Stata, whose daughter Michelle worked there in ‘94.

Some summer friendships spawned between PNC girls and hutmen became more permanent. Chris Van Curran, who worked at Dolly Copp, married Betsy Strong. Tom Deans met Penny “Pen Hen” Hendershot at PNC and went on to become the second Executive Director of the AMC after the retirement of Fran Belcher. Bruce Sloat married Mary Edgerton, who started at PNC as Fred Armstrong’s bull cook in ‘56, and Bruce went on to succeed George Hamilton as huts manager, responsible for the building of the Carter bunkhouses, the new Lonesome, Mizpah and much of the modern infrastructure that updated the ‘30s-era huts. Mary and Bruce became honorary OH last November. Mary’s cousin Page worked at PNC ‘62, and her niece Caroline Edgerton married Doug George. Bruce told us that when Page met George Hamilton on the her first day of work, George told him, “I just hired one of your relatives. You can tell she is a Quaker by the long black socks!” Mary’s brother Robert worked CC at Lakes in ‘47. Gerry Whiting, who had two OH brothers Dana and Ken, married Meta Ramsey, whom he met the summer of ‘65 she worked at PNC, and later their son Derek worked on CC. Gerry is currently the AMC’s Maine Woods Initiative director.

Larry Wilkinson married Chrisie Iset, PNC ‘64. Paul Cunha worked CC and met and later married Carol Cullina at PNC. Paul is currently the AMC Director of Facilities. Matthew Bowman married Jenna Gingras. Kara White married Jason Hunter—all four worked CC. Matt’s now Storehouse Supervisor. Caitlin Johnson, Storehouse ‘07, is the daughter of Carol Scannell and Bill Johnson, who met working at Lakes in ‘84. Bill’s brother Tom Johnson worked in ‘84 to ‘96 in the huts and Tucks. The Johnson’s cousin, Craig Collins, worked at PNC and Tucks in the early ‘90s, and Carol’s brother Paul Scannell worked in the huts in the early ‘90s and storehouse in the mid ‘90s. Armanda Arloro, Storehouse ’96, married Randy LeClair, Resis early ‘90s.

Other sibling teams that spanned the decades: Chuck Kellogg worked in the ‘50s and younger brother Gardner in the ‘60s. Betsy Corindia, who married Brian Fowler, had a brother Alan who worked CC and at Greenleaf who it just so happens married Libby Waste, PNC ‘69, who had a sister Connie Waste, PNC ‘75. Connie’s Way Ski Trail is named after her. Her brother Bill Waste didn’t work in the huts, but close enough at Cold River Camp in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.

There were a whole mess of Meserves—Bill in the ‘50s, Richard and John “Moose” in the ‘60s, and then Bill’s son Jode in the ‘90s. Moose is our current-and-forever treasurer of the OHA. The Adams twins, John “Clem” and Frank worked in the ‘60s, as did Peter and Dick Trafton who currently share a vacation home in Jackson. More brothers are Mike, Steve and John Bridgewater; Gardner, Steve, Sheldon and Clark “Ringo” Perry; and Doug and Dave Darlington.

John Gross married Sue Tebbetts, who then went on to work at PNC in ‘68 after they were married. We close out the ‘60s with the opening-closing crew of the Langlois brothers, John and Dave. Dave had two daughters, Samantha and her sister, who worked in the ‘90s.

The ‘70s which brought us the fabled one-pot meals also stewed up all kinds of interesting relationships. Mike Waddell, construction crew boss and huts manager, met Kristin Benfield and assigned her to a hut, only to find she was a better carpenter then cook and so reassigned her to the construction crew. According to Mike, “She could drive nails a heck of a lot better than she could boil water!” Later she became Mrs. Waddell. Bill Oliver never missed a spring reunion, nor did he miss seeing Jen Granducci, who worked many summers in the ‘90s, so that knot was tied. Sisters Ellen and Annie Hartwell worked in the huts and brother Sam on trail crew. Ellen married Bill Blais.

Jack Tracy married Joanne Beckett, whose sister was Theresa Beckett. Together the Becketts were known as the Bucket of Becketts. Ned Baldwin married Sally Dinsmore, whose brothers Page and Phil were hutmen. Sally has been doing the digital archiving of our hut

crew pictures while Ned helps out at Spring Brawl, Gala and the Latchstring Award. Mike Schnitzer married Sally Surgenon, naturalist at PNC. Robin Snyder had a brother Channing. Dave and Linc Cleveland were brothers. Ann Wolgamot married Dick Bennett after they met at PNC in ‘70 where she worked in the kitchen/dining room and he was night watchman. The couple live in Jackson, where he is a master electrician and she is an administrator for the Jackson schools.

In the ‘90s, Emily Thayer married Peter Benson and they now live in Jackson. Emily’s brother Chris, who worked in just about every hut in the ‘90s, went on to become huts manager and still works for the AMC in facilities management. Chris was featured in a national magazine as one of America’s most eligible bachelors and finally tied the knot with Wendy Harland—the sister of Heather Harland Wingate, whom he happened to meet at Lakes. Legacy siblings of the ‘90s Heather and Jennifer Koop’s dad Alan worked at Lakes in the ‘60s and later gathered many taped interviews with OH that have just recently been digitized by Dave Porter for our OH archives. Suzanne Danielski, Lakes ‘86, had a sister Althea who worked from ‘88 to ‘91. Althea met Terry Isert in ‘90 when she was at Carter and he was CC. Terry left the AMC to work in Antarctica, and the following summer, Althea contacted him for job. She became part of his cargo crew, the southern stars aligned, and they fell in love and married. They currently are raising a family on Minneapolis. Brothers Dave and Steve Moskewitz worked in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. There were three Botzows, one being Jen who married Lars Jorns, who also had a brother Marc working in the huts. Jen Blaiklock is now dating Jon Martinson, former PNVC manager. There were three Blaiklocks—Andy, Bill and Jen. Mark and Dave Huntley worked in the huts. Dave edited Among the Crowds and went on to a career in videography, once serving as our annual meeting speaker.

Trail crew Abby Austin married John “Stinger” Weeman, who later edited the TC email newsletter. Dave Evankow, CC, married Alice Congdon, Camp Dodge, PNVC, and later divorced, but Dave and the aforementioned Abby Austin, after her divorce from “Stinger,” have gotten together in a committed relationship. Zack Holm, Mizpah ‘95, married Sara Hurley, huts ‘95 to ‘96, then Assistant Huts Manager.

Rich Crowley and Melissa Sandifer, both at Carter in ‘89, were married and divorced. Rich had two brothers working for the system, one named Andrew. Dave Yampanis, PNVC and huts early ‘90s, married Wendy Prentiss. Wendy has two sisters, Amy and Meghan “Fred” Prentiss. Meghan regaled us at an annual meeting with her Antarctica presentation. Pavel Cenkl, PNVC ‘89, huts ’90 to ‘91, married Jen Schoen, Fall huts, in a ceremony at Zealand with many OH in attendance. Mark Dindorf, former innkeeper in Bartlett, and Nancy Ritger are married. Nancy is Senior Interpretive Naturalist at PNVC and has helped out on Joe Dodge Award selection committees. Charlie McCrave worked all over the place from ‘86 to ‘95 and met Cally Leach, Zealand ‘95 to ‘96, and they were married in ‘01. Maury McKinney, Tucks ‘87 to ‘89, married Karen Eisenberg. Maury instructs at International Mountain Equipment Climbing School.

At the turn of the new millennium, Dave Herring became Huts Manager after his stint in the huts, and brother Ben worked at Greenleaf. Dave married London Leland, Education, and is currently working on a Maine for-profit hut project. Chris Cawley, ‘01 to ‘07 huts and CC, and Dave Cawley, ‘05 to ‘06 huts are brothers. Digit Taylor, Research ‘78 to ‘81, has three children—Bethany Taylor, who is currently on CC, Emily Taylor, ‘05 to ‘07, at Carter this summer, and Hannah Taylor, PNVC ‘99 and huts ‘02 to ‘03. Ben Schott, Shelters, ’04 to ‘07, had a brother Derek “Storm” Schott, Shelters and CC, Charles Muller, CC late ‘90s to ‘07, who married Andrea McGinnis, early ‘90s to current PNVC. Laura Terew, PNVC ’88 to ‘04, and Dennis McIntosh, CC boss and recent recipient of the AMC Joe Dodge Award, have a son Dylan McIntosh, PNVC/CC ’05 to ‘07. Laura later married Lewis Baldwin, Storehouse and Front Desk manager at PNVC ‘90s to ‘07. They divorced and Lewis married a PNVC cook staff member. Randy Noring, PNVC, Storehouse and Camp Dodge ‘90s to current, married and divorced Kari Geick, ‘90s PNVC and Camp Dodge. Brian Johnson worked on and off from ‘95 to ‘00 and Anna Porter, Crawfords ‘95 and the huts, with a stint in Antarctica and the Obs, were married in ‘03 by justice of the peace Schroeder Steward.

The most recent marriage was in September between Jana Johnson, Camp Dodge, PNVC, storehouse and now USFS and Chris Joosen, Tucks and now Snow Ranger.

There were some coincidences such as marriages that occurred between OH and sweethearts working in the area and some other relationships worth mentioning.

Bob Temple’s wife’s mother had a relative who connected her to Teen Dodge, Joe’s wife. Virginia Temple’s mother, Corrine Bergstrom Grant, had a cousin related to Teen whose maiden name was Bergstrom. Bob assures us that his being hired to work at Madison in ‘39 had absolutely nothing to do with this family relation, and that he met Virginia the summer she worked at the Flume. Linus Story met his wife, Bonnie, the summer she worked at the Cannon Mountain snack bar. Pete Church, Assistant Huts manager ‘89, ultimately married a woman he met guiding a hike in ‘90. Rebecca Oreskes married veteran Snow Ranger Brad Ray in ‘95. Now she works for the USFS.

Other relationships that were created because of the huts and friendships include David “Stretch” Hayes, trail crew boss of the ‘50s, who married Charlie Belcher’s widow Joan. Greenleaf OH Roger Smith of the late ‘40s married Joe Harrington’s sister Joan. Alexa Engleman’s mother, Laurie Burt, was president of the AMC during the Club’s 125th Anniversary Campaign and became a special OH. Suzie Pierson, PNVC ‘90s, married Nancy Ritger’s brother Paul. Meg Haughey worked Storehouse ‘05 and is the niece of HR Director Pat McCabe, PNVC ‘96 to current. Dave Thurlow, Education, married Judy Smith, Swans Falls Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.

This list of relationships can be added to by sending the names we missed to Gormings. Thanks to all of you who sent us names of OH we didn’t know for including here, and, particularly, to Kim “Schroeder” Steward for her storehouse of local knowledge.

Jim Hamilton has edited the Resuscitator for over twenty years. He owes his job working in the huts to George Hamilton (no relation) who hired him starting the summer of 1959 through 1963 with spring vacations working room and board at Pinkham and Tucks. It must have been the good name that got him his job.