This issue’s entries into most OH-ish wedding possible are between the Labor Day nuptuals of Nina Barret and Raphael Crawford-Marks (pictured above)and the August hitching of Nez Nesbit and Ashley Morton.

Jon Cotton, Geoff Graham, Cricket Arrison, Alex “Biscuit” Bissett, Tom Seidel, Margaret Graciano, Emmy McQuaid-Hanson, Ana Danger Roy, Jess Milneil, Christian Milneil, Benny Taylor, Ben Deering, Margaret Snell, and Naomi George all turned out in force and with their dancing shoes for Nina and Raphael’s wedding at Ogontz Camp. Total OH presence: 15.

For Nez’s wedding, some quick thinking by Michael Quist Kautz had Benny Taylor and Jesse Billingham leading a gaggle of hutkids as catering superstars, including Beth Eisenhower, Amy Fleischer, Mary Kuhn, and Beth Weick (plus Mr. Beth aka Ryan Harvey). In addition to the worker bees, the OH quotient on the ground was remarkable given that Nez’s family includes his parents Chris & Nancy Nesbitt, uncles John Nutter (check out his article in this issue!) and Craig Nesbitt. OH friends in attendance were Best Man Ethan Lacy, Mike Kautz, Brian Guercio, Andy Wall, Susan Keller, Lars Whitman and Lara Dumond. Total OH: 18. The catering croo are happy to discuss details with anyone who wants to hire them. Awesome idea, Nez!

As suggested in our earlier article, generations of Croo celebrated the Madison 125th together in Madison Col August 18. However the party really started the night before, at our very own OH Cabin. Featuring grilling, beers, and even a few vegetables, young and old made merry. Attendees included Josh Alper, Jesse Billingham, Nathaniel Blauss, Lindsay Bourgoine, Doug Hotchkiss, Dominic Kaplan, Liza Knowles (and her sweetie Doug Park), Dick Lowe, Ari Ofsevit, Gates Sanford, Benny Taylor, Emily Taylor, Beth Weick, Lynne Zummo. The following morning made for an early rise and a hike that smelt a bit of beer as victuals were packed up to Madhaüs. Nonetheless, lunch was served on time, Star Lake visited, old croo logs perused, laughter laughed as all enjoyed the beautiful weather. Look for a synopsis in the upcoming edition of Appalachia.

Down in the valley, life goes on with all sorts of adventures and happenings. Karen Thorp and Dave Haughey are planning their Mainer wedding to take place next June, complete with enthusiastic training sessions with Chuck.

Alex Corey was briefly on the East Coast in June for the annual American Studies Conference at Dartmouth. There he was joined by Mary Kuhn. The two ventured into Enfield for an evening picnic rendezvous with Beth Weick, where their conversation and abundant laughter may have offended the resident curmudgeons sitting within earshot. Nathaniel Blauss spent the summer in various places, including a month in Portland, ME. He is now settled into Putney, VT where he begins another year of shaping, guiding, and forcing sense into the youth of America. He recently met up with Meika Hashimoto for dinner in Brattleboro, where they were accidentally joined by Andy Patari. Of course. Meika has been spending plenty of time in the Whites this season considering her address is NYC. Multiple hiking trips reliably ending with unexpected twists have left her at the mercy of Mama Maria’s Cookie Emporium and Hostel on multiple occasions, aka Beth Weick’s parents. As this has resulted in increased back massages and gigglefests for both Meika and Beth, no-one is complaining.

Beth Weick and partner Ryan Harvey hosted a housewarming party this past June to celebrate their homestead, and the fact that Beth no longer lives in a Silo where the snow blows through. An entire month of rain finally ceased in time for food, drink, music, and multiple rounds of Nails. Attendees included Nathaniel Blauss, Alex Corey, Joanne Ducas, Meika Hashimoto, Hank & Polly Parker, Benny Taylor, and John Thompson, among other friends and neighbors. To cap off the summer, Beth and her mother Maria, the inimitable “Sandal Sisters,” spent a short stint on the Long Trail late this August.

Gates Sanford is passionately addressing the energy crisis through Enernoch while winning the hearts of the 18-35 category all over B-town. He recently invested in a suit with the words “Let’s Get Weird” predictably stitched inside the front panel. Also in Boston, Benny Taylor has moved from the landscaping to school librarianing and continues to work on writing projects to save the world. Emily Taylor continues to call Jackson home and has begun her second season as a one-on-one aide in the nearby school district. She is also coordinating the Carter photo project – please be in touch if you have photos! And as a side note, all you Carter aficionados, the hut’s 100th anniversary is less than a year away…

Dominic Kaplan has had a whirlwind tour through Europe, carrying only one very stylish and very white backpack, and has now, eventually, made it back to California via stand-by flights. The job search is on once again. Johannes Griesshammer continues to call Truckee home, where he is building his brewmaster skills and thinking about soil science and grass-fed beef. Charles Bethea recently wrote a piece for the NY Times detailing the hut experience, with contributions from Chris Thayer. To the disappointment of many, Corey Williams has not returned for yet another fall season in the huts.

John Thompson continues to outdo himself as a jack-of-all-trades, working at such projects as a new stove in the OH Cabin and t-shirts for the Madison 125th . Doug Shaffer has recently sold Lester’s, home of the Steering Committee meetings. Please send gossip, jokes, money, and personal ads to editors Benny Taylor and Beth Weick at bethanymasontaylor@gmail.com, b.a.weick@gmail.com or 107 Old Cemetery Rd., Dorchester NH 03266. If you don’t, we will make shit up.