Your slate of 2003 Officers
Secretary - Tom Kelleher
Treasurer - John Meserve
Resuscitator Editors - Jim Hamilton, Emily Muldoon Kathan
Members at Large - John and Lesley Nesbitt, J. Bryan Wentzell, Dick Stetson, Stroker Rogovin
Cabin Caretaker - Mike Waddell

We thought it would be worthwhile to give you a better idea who volunteers for the Steering Committee and a little information about them.

J. Bryan Wentzell just joined the committee. He is Conservation Outreach Coordinator for the AMC, lives in Somerville and worked at Pinkham 1990, Mizpah 1991, Zealand 1992, Greenleaf AHM 1992, Galehead AHM 1993, Zealand HM 1994 and started at Joy Street in April 2001. His interests are tele-skiing and he is a private pilot. J. Bryan helped on our long-range planning meeting last March.

John and Lesley Nesbitt, our other new members, were married this summer and have traditions deeply routed in the Hut System. Lesley's parents Betsy and Brian Fowler both worked in the huts. John teaches English in Berlin and Lesley teaches at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. John worked at Greenleaf 1997 and fall 1999, Lakes 1998 and Zealand 2000. Lesley worked at Lakes 1995 and Greenleaf 1996. They both enjoy the OH Cabin and were instrumental in getting younger OH to attend the spring reunion and Oktoberfest.

Emily Muldoon Kathan also has been recently married and is a graphic designer. She lives in Somerville and has been active as a Steering Committee member, editor of the Resuscitator writing the Gormings news and an OH Fund committee member. She worked at Galehead 1993 and Carter 1994.

Other Steering Committee veterans are Tom Kelleher, secretary and webmaster who created our website and keeps it refreshed. A security analyst at Citizens Bank, he lives in Acton and worked at Pinkham 1970 and Tuck 1971. He's a member of the OH Fund committee.

Dick Stetson maintains the Cabin and just recently replaced the sink during Oktoberfest so that wife Bridgette could produce yet another work weekend feast. They live in Camden, Maine and also work on their antique motor yacht. He s a computer specialist and worked at Carter 1965 and Galehead 1966-67.

Stroker Rogovin takes over as chairman of the committee after Malin Bengsston s move to Maine. He is active with the AMC's Three Mile Island, writes for the Resuscitator, is a member of the OH Fund committee, owns his own woodworking business and is proprietor of the Dog Museum in Arlington. He worked CC.

John Meserve has served as treasurer after Al Folger, is from an OH family, is a member of the OH Fund committee, works with Tom Kelleher maintaining the mail list, is keeper of the cash and dispenser of OH paraphernalia all this while handling First Ocean Bank management work in Salem. He worked at Greenleaf 1965 and Mizpah 1966-68.

Other OH who have worked tirelessly for the association for years and can always be counted on are Doug Hotchkiss, Doug Shaffer, Bill Barrett, Chuck Stata, Ned and Sally Baldwin and Jim Argentati and John Lamanna.

Mike Waddell keeps his eye on the Cabin from his contracting business in Gorham.